10 Injured in Kane County Bus Accident

MyFoxChicago.com recently released a news report detailing a devastating Kane County school bus accident that resulted in the injury of nine special-needs schoolchildren, as well as, the driver of the school bus. Our Chicago accident lawyers learned that according to police reports, the accident transpired as the bus was traveling eastbound on Granart Road when it traveled off the roadway for an unknown reason. The bus driver attempted to adjust the vehicle’s path but was unable to before the school bus went into an off-roadway ditch. Subsequently, this caused the school bus to tipped over onto its side – but did not roll over. Fortunately, all of the school children were wearing safety belts which ultimately help prevent substantial severe injury.

At the time of the initial report, the bus accident remained under investigation with no citations being issued. However, earlier today our accident lawyers in Chicago read a follow up article to the unfortunate accident posted on DailyHerald.com. According to the news article, a number of students on the bus, which was operated by Illinois Central School Bus, assert that the accident occurred as a result of the bus driver falling asleep behind the wheel. Several witnesses have stepped forward alleging that the school bus driver has displayed a continued pattern of fatigued driving, beginning when the driver began the bus route in September.

Our Chicago trucking accident attorneys learned that many of the school-children began noticing a regular pattern of the bus driving nodding off and swerving erratically during travel. One of the students even alerted her mother about her concerns who subsequently called into Illinois Central numerous times to complain. However, the safety director of Illinois Central has released a statement asserting that his company never received complaints about the driver although the driver was monitored in October after a concerned call from the school district.

A camera was equipped into the driver’s bus for several days while he was being monitored. The driver’s company found no evidence of the driver falling asleep during transportation. Shortly thereafter, the bus company contacted the school district to let them know that the driver posed no safety concerns. According to the news report, the Kane County sheriff’s officials are still conducted a thorough investigation into the accident and officials are not planning to release the information pertaining to the accident until late next week. The driver’s toxicology results are still pending.

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