$1M Settlement Awarded in Tow Truck Accident

Our Chicago trucking accident attorneys recently read a report posted on PressOfAtlanticCity.com detailing a $1 million settlement awarded to three accident victims of a tow truck accident. The settlement comes in light of a devastating tow truck accident that occurred in 2008. According to police records, the accident occurred when the driver of a tow truck attempted to drive his vehicle around a passenger vehicle that was awaiting a train to cross the railroad. The tow truck driver made an attempt to cross the railroad before the train arrived, but was unsuccessful.

The train struck the back of the tow truck which in turn caused the truck to strike three pedestrians who were walking on a nearby property. One of the accident victims sustained serious leg fractures and lacerations, while the other two victims incurred severe back injuries. Subsequently after the accident, the three accident victims filed suit against the 22 year-old driver of the tow truck. In turn, the tow truck driver filed suit against the railroad, claiming that the railroad crossing did not have gates that lowered when trains approach. Shortly thereafter, the three victims included the railroad company as defendants to the personal injury lawsuit.

Although a trial was set for later this month, both parties involved in the lawsuit reached a settlement through mediation. The accident victim who sustained the most injury received $750,000, while the other two received $200,000 and $50,000 respectively. The driver of the tow truck who struck the pedestrians has agreed to pay 90 percent of the $1 million settlement, while the railroad company had agreed to compensate the victims for the balance.

Without a doubt, any Chicago truck accident lawyer will tell you that any time a vehicle collides with a pedestrian the results are almost always tragic – subsequently resulting in severe personal injury or even death. According to recent accident statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, pedestrian fatalities account for over 11 percent of motor vehicle fatalities. Additionally, over 180,000 pedestrians have been killed in motor vehicle accidents between 1975 and 2005. With the alarming number of these types of devastating accidents, negligent drivers must be held accountable for their accidents in hope to prevent future recurrence.

If you have been injured in an Illinois trucking accident or have lost a loved one at the hands of a negligent commercial vehicle driver, please contact our experienced Illinois truck accident lawyers to see what legal rights and relief may be available to you.

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