$36 Million Settlement Awarded in Fatal Commercial Vehicle Accident

Our Chicago accident lawyers recently read a report posted on WashingtonPost.com detailing the settlement of a fatal commercial vehicle collision between a charter bus and a semi tractor-trailer that took the lives of four individuals and resulted in 19 injuries. According to the report, the accident initially transpired in January of 2005 when a charter bus transporting a youth hockey team swerved off an interstate highway and collided into a tractor-trailer that was parked alongside of the highway.

Fatalities in the tragic accident included the 46 year-old coach of the youth hockey team, his 13 year-old son, a 50 year-old passenger of the bus, in addition to, the 42 year-old driver of the semi tractor-trailer. 19 passengers in the charter bus sustained additional devastating personal injuries which included but were not limited to: broken bones, brain trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Despite reports that the inexperienced 24 year-old charter bus driver was driving erratically before the collision and was suspected to be operating while fatigued, he has avoided facing criminal charges. The bus driver has pleaded guilty to violations that involved his commercial vehicle logbook. It was reported that the driver lied about previous travel hours he worked a few days earlier during another transportation job and failed to report these driver hours in his logbook. An additional violation included a $300 traffic violation for failing to stay in the proper lane.

As part of a series of lawsuits stemming from the fatal trucking accident, our Chicago truck accident attorneys read that a settlement has been reached in the first trial. $36 million settlement has been awarded to the accident victims and their families with two of the insurance agencies for the charter bus paying $22.5 million. An additional settlement contribution of $13.5 million will be issued by the three insurers for the truck operator and the trucking trailer owner.

Our accident lawyers in Chicago send their sincere condolences to the accident victims of this devastating accident and are pleased to read that they have received adequate compensation for the untimely death of four individuals and the debilitating personal injuries sustained by the 19 charter bus passengers. These types of accident lawsuits are often beneficial in ensuring that accident victims and their families are properly compensated for the various expenses that incurred as a result of the accident, in addition to, guaranteeing that wrongdoers are held accountable for their wrongful and negligent conduct.

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