Alton Woman Killed in Trucking Accident Near Alton

The severity trucking accidents leave a lasting impact on the lives of those involved. Many of these accidents, especially ones involving personal injuries caused by negligence and reckless driving, can be prevented. When seeing an accident report in the news, this is not something anyone should write off as an “everyday event.” These accidents involve real people and loss of life. Continuing discussion and legal dialogue about these issues can raise awareness and help further education about the need for safe driving and the negative impact these accidents cause.

Unfortunately, another severe accident occurred, which took the life of an Alton woman, according to The Telegraph. The woman, who was driving a SUV, died immediately upon impact when a semi-tractor double-trailer slammed into her vehicle. She was the only person in her vehicle during the accident, which occurred at the intersection of 20th Street and Martin Luther King Drive. The impact was so hard that it smashed the driver’s door and passenger door, knocked down a traffic sign in the median, and removed the bumper of the truck. Unfortunately, the victim was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident either. The crash is under investigation by the Alton Police Department and Illinois State Police.

While it is unclear whether a seat belt could have saved the victim from this severe of a collision, there is still no question that wearing a seat belt is always a method to increase your chances of survival and is never a safety step that anyone should skip when they are in a vehicle. Additionally, wearing a seat belt is the law in Illinois, and it is a law for a reason. Wearing a seat belt is one of the most significant factors in collision survival. According to a report by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, in 2013 alone, the use of seat belts saved approximately 12,584 lives of those 5 and older. In Illinois alone, seat belts saved 377 people. The lives of 263 children (those 4 and younger) were saved by child restraints. An additional 2,800 lives would have been saved in 2013 had all unrestrained vehicle occupants involved in fatal crashes utilized seat belts.

Our attorneys empathize with the family and loved ones of the victim. Accidents like this should not occur, and we believe that people should be able to trust that they are safe from recklessness of others when on the roads. We also encourage our readers to take steps to keep themselves safe when driving and to also talk with their loved ones about keeping themselves safe. Remember to always be alert to what is happening around when on the road. It is also imperative to always wear a seat belt, no matter how slow the speed of traffic on the road, how safe the reputation of the area is, and how short your travel may be. Taking extra caution could be what saves lives when the negligence of others poses you harm.

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