American Trucking Association Recommendations for Safer Trucking

While the trucking industry has been working hard at improving safety standards and reducing trucking accidents, many in the industry admit that there is still a lot that can be done to further increase trucking safety. According to ETrucker‘s website, the American Trucking Association further states that the most important things to remember and keep in mind when working on trucking safety programs is to deal with the risk of trucking accidents and with the causation of trucking crashes. While any safety precautions are clearly better than nothing, the trucking association considers dealing with risk and causation as the only real ways that the trucking industry will be able to continue getting safer. In terms of risk, the new federal rules that establish a limit of how much time truck drivers can be on the road are aimed to help with this problem, as well as the suggestion by the trucking association that the maximum speed limit be reduced to 65 miles per hour. In terms of changes affecting the causation problem, the trucking association recommends holding individual drivers accountable for accidents they are involved in. Right now, individual drivers are not always held individually accountable for accidents and often times the trucking company alone is held liable. The idea behind the causation safety initiative is that by holding drivers accountable, there will be more incentive for drivers to be safer and that will increase the overall safety of the trucking industry. To read more about the American Trucking Association‘s recommendations for reducing trucking accidents, please click on this hyperlink.

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