Antioch Pickup Truck Crash Results in Fatality and Personal Injuries

Our attorneys are always saddened to hear of fatal truck and car crashes in Illinois. It is unfortunate that these accidents are so frequently in the news. This news hits close to home, as this could easily happen to a friend, family member, or neighbor. It is because of this that we advocate for victims and their families in hopes that future accidents may be prevented.

Recent news by the Chicago Tribune has relayed that one individual died and two others were injured in a crash in Antioch, Illinois. A pickup truck and a van collided near Illinois Highway 173 and Eagle Ridge Drive, according to the Antioch police. The van, which was headed west, and the eastbound truck collided. As a result of the collision, the pickup truck rolled over. The two individuals in the van suffered non-life-threatening injuries, and the man in the pickup truck died from the crash. As of right now, authorities are still investigating the cause of this accident.

Rollover crashes, such as the one that occurred here, are extremely dangerous and deadly to drivers and passengers. explains some noteworthy facts and safety tips regarding rollover crashes. First, tall and narrow vehicles, like SUVs and pickup trucks, are more likely to roll over than other motor vehicles. Because these vehicles have high centers of gravity, they are more likely to roll over. Second, rollover crashes can be avoided and are less likely to occur when drivers reduce their speeds and obey speed limits. Fatal rollover crashes are more commonly caused by speed than fatal non-rollover crashes. Approximately 40% of fatal rollover crashes involved traveling at excessive speeds. Also, 75% of these deadly rollover crashes occurred in places where the speed limit was 55 mph or higher. Third, these types of crashes are especially dangerous and a significant cause for fatalities. Rollover crashes account for 33% of all motor vehicle accident fatalities nationwide.

It is unclear whether negligence played a role in the above-mentioned accident or whether either driver bore the fault. Investigations are still underway to determine the ultimate cause of this motor vehicle accident. We will be sure to stay on top of this news and report when and if this is known. Even though it is not known whether either or both driver’s negligence was the cause in this accident, we wish to stress that all drivers on the road have a legal responsibility to be safe drivers and keep others free from injuries and death that can be prevented by being cautious and abiding by the rules of the road. When drivers are negligent, they are not only putting themselves in danger but all others on the road. If an accident and injuries result from this reckless behavior, the negligent driver is legally seen as breaching a duty of care to others and the cause of the collision. If your or someone in your family has been involved in an accident where another party was not cautious and was the cause of putting you in danger, you may have a legal claim in which you can hold that driver accountable. If you call our firm for a free consultation, we would be happy to discuss your case with you and help you decide if a lawsuit is right for you.

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