Authorities Continue to Investigate Cause of Chicago Train Collision

The Chicago Tribune reported this weekend on a frightening train collision that occurred at Union Station. According to report, the crash involved a Metra train and an Amtrak train. Apparently both trains were moving around 8:30 a.m. on Friday when at least two cars on the Metra train struck the engine of the Amtrak train bound for Carbondale. Twelve passengers were injured in the collision, but fortunately all of them are expected to recover. One of the women on the front of the train went into labor right after the accident. She was escorted off by emergency personnel.

The impact was not high-speed, but it still resulted in blown windows and broken glass being scattered through some of the cars. Those on the train reported that the impact was felt strongly and was very abrupt. It remains unclear exactly what errors allowed the Chicago train accident to occur. Investigators explain that they are now focusing on possible switching mistakes related to both trains. The accident occurred on the south end of the station which the location of many yard switches.

Whatever the case, it is obviously an egregious breach of protocol when two trains collide. The maintenance and operation of Union Station is the responsibility of Amtrak. The control center at the station directs train movements, including the switches. The operation occurs much like at airports, with Amtrak employees communicating with train engineers to direct them properly into and out of the station.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti have worked with many victims in cases involving train accidents. When local residents use public transportation they have the reasonable expectation that those who manage and operate the machines will work with reasonable care. When employees fail to do so leading to accidents that injure and kill passengers, than an attorney should be contacted. In this way your rights are protected at the negligent workers and agency is held responsible for its conduct.

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