Automobile Slams into Truck, Personally Injuring Driver

A man was critically injured when he slammed into a semi-truck on the Southwest Side of Chicago and was pinned underneath the truck. The truck accident happened at 73rd Street and South Cicero Avenue. A Nissan automobile was heading southbound on Cicero at a high rate of speed while the frame-type semi truck, the kind used to haul shipping containers, was turning onto Cicero. The automobile ran into the semi-truck and became pinned underneath it. Fire crews responded to the scene immediately and the driver of the automobile was taken to the hospital with personal injuries. He is currently in critical condition with personal injuries. While the man was critically personally injured, the police chief stated that it was a wonder he was still alive at all, judging by the wreckage of the automobile. At this time, no personal injury lawsuits have been filed. To read the full story, click here.

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