Bicyclist Dragged by Garbage Truck Suffers Personal Injuries

Bicycling serves many positive purposes in people’s lives. It is a source of exercise and fun activity to share with family and friends. In addition to leisure or exercise, it is also a source of transportation. By cycling instead of taking a car, we also help the environment by reducing carbon emissions. However, because we share our roads with large motor vehicles, dangers can be presented to many cyclists and bike accidents can occur.

In a recent bicycle accident, a man was dragged by a garbage truck and suffered personal injuries, according to an article by the Boston Globe. The cyclist was using a bicycle rented from the city’s bike-sharing program, similar to that of Divvy of Chicago. The accident occurred after a garbage truck made a turn at an intersection, which caused the bicyclist to be dragged underneath with his leg trapped. Firefighters had to extricate the cyclist from the truck, which took half of an hour.

The report notes that many cyclists use this same road for commuting on a daily basis, yet many accidents occur, which has made local authorities feel a need to examine the safety and traffic patterns of the area. For instance, in this accident, like others, a driver made an abrupt right turn after passing a cyclist. This type of accident is known as a “right hook.” To prevent these types of accidents drivers should let bicyclists pass first before they turn right. According to the same article, protected bike lanes can prevent these types of accidents, as well as blind-spot mirrors on vehicles. Side guards on trucks can also close the gap between wheels, which lowers the risk of people falling underneath vehicles and being run over. Unfortunately, the United States does not mandate that trucks have side guards, and the truck in this accident did not have them.

Injuries suffered in a bicycle accident can be very severe or even fatal due to the size difference between a motor vehicle, truck, or bus and a bicycle in a collision. When the force from the weight and height of a large vehicle crashes to a bicyclist who is not protected by the exterior of a car, injuries can be extremely significant. Oftentimes, these injuries can even impact vital areas of the body, such as the head or neck. Such injuries as these can be life altering, causing nerve damage or spinal chord paralysis. These accidents can also cause injuries such as broken bones or complete loss of a limb.

Our attorneys represent injured cyclists in Illinois who have suffered personal injuries from bicycle accidents. We are proud to help these clients obtain compensation and hold liable those whose negligent and reckless actions have injured others. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, we would be happy to speak to you in a free consultation. Contact us today, and we may be able to help you with your legal needs.

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