Bizarre Trucking Fire Kills Driver

The News Tribune reported this weekend on a strange truck crash involving two semi-trailers. Apparently the driver of a large truck carrying coffee products was on small side streets making a delivery to a local business. While moving slowly attempting to park his truck, the vehicle accidentally backed into another parked semitrailer. For reasons that investigator are still uncovering, the truck carrying the coffee burst into flames upon impact.

The fire was very intense and spread quickly. One firefighter explained that the cab itself “disintegrated and burned to the ground.” It was too late to save the driver, and he was found dead in the driver’s seat of the vehicle upon arrival of emergency personnel.

The bizarre circumstances of the accident were initially very suspicious to authorities. It seems intuitively unlikely that a semi fire would erupt in so intense, quick, and damaging a manner caused only by one vehicle backing into another. However, officials have indicated that the crash was accidental.

Our Chicago truck crash lawyers at Levin & Perconti send sincere condolences to the victim’s friends and family. The pain and loss that comes any time that a loved one dies in an accident behind the wheel is the same whether it occurs in the form of a high speed highway accident or a rare slow-moving parking accident. In all cases, however, the circumstances around the crash should be investigated fully to understand the causes. Many truck crashes that at first seem to be fluke accidents may actually have been prevented but for the negligence of others involved. When that is the case, it is vital to contact a truck accident attorney to protect your interests and fully analyze the legal issues involved in the case.

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