Bond County Accident Lawsuit Filed

A trucking accident lawsuit has been filed by a truck driver following an accident that he was involved in. The plaintiff claims that the trucking company negligently allowed a truck to be driven that had a defective wheel, because the wheel detached from the back of the tractor-trailer he was driving and then hit the front of the truck. The Illinois accident occurred on Illinois Route 127 in Bond County back in 2008. The driver and his wife filed the lawsuit seeking damages for medical bills as well as pain and suffering damages. The lawsuit is against the trucking company for failing to properly inspect the truck before allowing it to be used by their employees. According to The St. Clair Record, the trucking crash lawsuit seeks over $600,000 in monetary damages.

Trucking companies are often held liable when their truckers get into car accidents. Even if the truck itself has defective parts, the trucking company that employs a driver that gets into an accident may face a lawsuit for failing to properly inspect and perform the proper safety tests on the trucks they have for their drivers to use. Trucking companies need to not only insure that their drivers receive proper safety training and follow certain safety precautions, but also need to insure that the trucks they are using are safe and okay to be driven under the conditions that these trucks are often forced to undergo. To read more about this Bond Country trucking accident lawsuit and the trucking accident itself, please click on this link.

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