Bus Dispatcher Faces Criminal Charges for Fatal Accident

Recently, our accident attorneys in Chicago read a news report posted on Wavy.com detailing the criminal charges a 40 year-old bus dispatcher faces for his role in a devastating bus accident that killed four people. According to the article, both the bus dispatcher and the 37 year-old bus driver face charges of involuntary manslaughter after it was determined that the low-fare bus driver had fallen asleep behind the wheel shortly before colliding into an embankment and subsequently overturning. Further investigation revealed that the bus dispatcher had ordered the driver to operate that day despite complaints from the driver that he was too fatigued.

Sadly, our Chicago accident lawyers learned that this particular bus carrier – which is a member of a new facet of the bus industry that provides inexpensive buses to convenient locations at fairly cheap rates along the East Coast – has maintained a continued operational history of allowing too-tired drivers behind the wheel of large commercial vehicles filled with unsuspecting passengers. The bus driver is currently being held on a secured $500,000 bond pending his extradition. However, if the driver refuses extradition, he will be required to attend a hearing later this week.

According the records maintained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the bus carrier had been involved in four accidents during the two years prior to the most recent accident. A Chicago accident lawyer at our office read in the report that of those four accidents, all resulted in either an injury or fatality. Additionally, the company has received over 46 violations for driver fatigue – ultimately ranking them worse than 86 percent of commercial motor carriers. Despite the continued prosperous nature of these particular types of low cost bus carriers, the continued string of deadly accidents associated with these companies has led to tougher federal regulations.

Every Illinois accident lawyer at Levin & Perconti is astonished that these types of bus companies continue to operate on our nation’s roadways in blatant disregard of federal carrier regulations. It is truly unfortunate that often times lives have to be lost in order to governmental authorities to place these dangerous carriers out of service. Continued regulation of passenger-carrying motor vehicles must be implemented by federal and state authorities in order to prevent the recurrence of these devastating accidents that often result in severe personal injury or even premature death.

If you have been injured in an Illinois trucking accident or have lost a loved one at the hands of a negligent driver, please contact our experienced accident attorneys for a free consultation.

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