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Negligence can have a permanent impact on the lives of victims and their loved ones. When we do not follow the rules of safety, whether on the road or at work, what actions may not seem like a big deal could actually create a very hazardous situation putting others’ lives at risk. Safety precautions and rules exist for a reason – to keep people, premises, worksites, etc. accident-free. When these rules are not followed, a dangerous situation is unnecessarily created and can easily cause serious personal injuries or death.

According to a recent article by ABC 7 Chicago, a gravel truck toppled over onto a car, killing a pregnant woman inside. OSHA is investigating what caused the truck to fall on top of the car, which was parked in the woman’s driveway. The victim was in the process of moving her car from her driveway at the request of the truck driver when the gravel truck flipped onto her vehicle, killing her. OSHA is gathering evidence and is concerned whether safety protocols were followed.

Often, when we think of truck accidents, we think of the accidents occurring on roads or interstates caused by distracted driving, fatigued drivers, rear-end collisions, and rollovers. While it is true that many accidents do happen on roads as collisions between other trucks and motor vehicles, this article is an example that accidents can and do occur when vehicles are stationary as well. While a rarer occurrence – and even rarer when safety precautions are followed – an accident can occur when a construction vehicle is in the process of moving and carrying loads. A truck accident, whether stationary or on the road, can result in serious personal injuries, including permanent disabling injuries or broken bones, and death from the impact or being crushed.
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We often joke that Chicago really only has two seasons- winter and construction season. Now that the weather has warmed, construction crews are hard at work throughout our city and its surrounding suburbs always improving the infrastructure, creating new roadways, and repairing any damage that may have occurred to our streets over the past year and harsh winter months. These construction crews work hard to better our lives while putting their own lives at risk and in the face of danger while working along busy and congested Illinois highways and interstates. Even when the roads and traffic are not a danger, these workers are consistently dealing large equipment and machinery that requires a great deal of skill. However, despite the best skills a crew member may have, he or she may be in a dangerous or deadly situation when the machinery they are provided is defective or not fully operational or the worksite is unsafe.

According to recent news by NBC Chicago, a driver of a construction truck was trapped and pinned inside for hours at a site in Elmhurst. According to police, the dump truck tipped over at the construction site located at the 400 block of South Spring Road with the driver inside. Rescue crews rushed to the scene to excavate the man from the truck’s cab. He was then taken to a nearby hospital.
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As our readers know, truck accidents do not only occur on Illinois highways and roads, but can happen in other locations where trucks and other large machinery are frequently present, such as farms, warehouses or building sites. Given the fact that work sites are usually busy with many different people performing various tasks independent of each other, it is not surprising that accidents at construction sites involving large trucks and machinery occur.

In an accident reported by the Madison Record an Illinois attorney filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of a construction worker who lost part of his leg in an accident involving a dump truck. In his complaint, he explains that he was doing asphalt density tests when a driver operating a dump truck full of asphalt drove over him. The plaintiff’s attorney alleges that the truck driver negligently failed to maintain a lookout, did not keep the dump truck under control, did not use a reverse alarm while backing up in a construction zone, and backed up without first ensuring that no one was behind him (which is a failure to use the safety program). The truck driver’s parent companies are also named in this suit because they allegedly allowed the truck driver to use a dump truck in a construction zone that did not have a reverse alarm in it, and allowed the employee to drive the truck too fast for a construction zone.

As a result of this accident, the plaintiff required a below the knee amputation and suffered other injuries including damage to his left shoulder and thickness burns to his arms, leg, and back. In addition to his pain and suffering and disability, he suffered great medical costs and lost wages. Because of his physical state, he now has a greatly decreased capacity to earn income and has lost employment due to that fact.

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