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As our frequent readers know, truck accidents often lead to serious personal injuries and deaths of victims. Knowing how dangerous these truck accidents are to the average adult, then consider the impact on the lives and safety of children and the elderly who are more vulnerable due to being physically smaller and possibly frailer. When these people are involved in a collision, the impact of the accident can be much more serious for them. Knowing this reality, it is even more important for us to work together to stop negligent and reckless driving behaviors and to encourage education of safe driving and awareness of roadway hazards. In this way, we can protect those most vulnerable and prevent future accidents.

According to an article by the Chicago Tribune, a 12-year-old was killed in a semitrailer rollover crash in Kane County. She was riding in a truck, driven by her father, when the truck left the road and rolled onto its side. The girl, who was ejected from the cab of the semi-truck, was pronounced dead at the scene, and her father was taken to a local hospital. No other vehicles were involved in this crash, and police are continuing investigation. The report does not indicate whether the girl was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident.
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It is far too often that fatal truck accidents occur on our Illinois roads and highways. However, it is especially heart-breaking to learn of these accidents taking the lives of young people, such as children and teens. Such accidents cut the lives of these people far too short and take away the potential and futures they had. These accidents are especially difficult for parents and family members because the deaths of very young people are more often than not very unexpected and sudden.

Unfortunately, a fatal truck accident took the life of a teen, according to recent news. In an article by the Pantagraph, a fifteen-year-old boy died after he was the passenger in a car that was hit by a pick-up truck. The boy was wearing a seat belt, but did not survive the accident that took place on U.S. 51 at McLean County Road. The driver, a sixteen-year-old female classmate, suffered serious personal injuries and remains hospitalized. The principal of their high school has brought in counselors to help grieving students with the loss of their classmate and friend. There was also a 6-month-old baby in the pickup truck who was thankfully not harmed. According to another article by Central Illinois Proud, the teens’ vehicle was headed westbound and was struck by the pickup truck headed southbound. The boy died of head injuries from the accident. The state police are still investigating this accident and are currently working to reconstruct it to research it further.
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As frequent visitors to our blog are aware, buses are a common mode of transportation in Illinois. Whether we are talking about public transportation in the Chicago metro area, charters carrying interstate travelers, or school busses in rural Illinois, we rely on bus transportation for a wide variety of commuting purposes. Like all motor vehicles, bus passengers are at risk of personal injuries when others drive recklessly and are negligent.

According to an article by The Southern Illinoisan, a daycare bus and a truck collided in an accident outside of Carbondale. This resulted in injuries to eleven children and two adults. The collision occurred when a garbage truck turned north onto Spillway Road off of Illinois 13, went onto two wheels, and hit the back of a daycare bus that had also just turned the corner. The collision caused the bus to spin off the side of the road, and the truck to overturn off the road. Police are still investigating why the truck made a turn at such an unsafe speed. All of the children and adults aboard the bus were rushed to the local Carbondale hospital.

Unfortunately, school transportation-related crashes, including daycare accidents are all too common nationwide and put minors at risk of serious personal injuries and death. According to 2009 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an average of 19 school-age passengers and pedestrians die in these crashes every year. Between the years 2000 – 2009, there were a total of 371,104 fatal motor vehicle crashes nationwide, and 1,245 of these crashes were school transportation related. Also between these years, 1,386 people died in school transportation related crashes. This is an average of 139 deaths per year.

Pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents are common, especially in busy cities and in school zones. Our lawyers know that accidents happen, but it is always unfortunate to read about accidents that could be prevented with extra vigilance and abiding by safety practices.

An article by the Peoria Journal Star reported that an 11-year-old boy is in critical condition after a collision with a pickup truck. Police reports indicate that the boy ran across Northeast Monroe Avenue between a stopped CityLink bus and a stopped car and hit the side of the truck, which caused him to spin on top of the trailer that the truck was pulling. As a result of this accident, the boy suffered significant head trauma and is in critical condition.

The accident occurred only a block from the boy’s middle school in a school zone. Even though the area has crosswalks and signs to direct traffic and pedestrians, witnesses note that there is a noticeable amount of jaywalking from both adults and children. Officials have added more crosswalks and signs and has crossing guards at the intersections to remedy the situation, however even with these safety measures in place it is still important for pedestrians and drivers alike to take precautions. Not only should drivers be aware of pedestrians, but adults must set an example for children by using the crosswalks themselves and walking with their children at these marked crossings.

Accidents happen every day in and around the City of Chicago. However, our lawyers are always saddened to read about motor vehicle accidents that impact the lives of young people by inhibiting their future potential through permanent and life-altering personal injuries or by cutting their young lives short and never allowing them to grow up. Fatalities and injuries that occur as a result of driver negligence are often preventable and it is for that reason that our attorneys fight for the rights of plaintiffs and their families to bring justice and prevent such tragedies from occurring to other people in the future.

According to an article by the Chicago Tribune, a young boy died as a result of blunt force trauma after being struck by a semi truck, which drove off after the collision. Witnesses said that the boy was trying to cross the street at the time of the collision. Police located the truck driver several miles from the scene, and detained him for questioning. Illinois State Police continue to investigate this accident.

According to CBS Chicago, police were able to track down the hit-and-run driver only minutes after he fled the scene thanks to diligent and prompt witnesses providing descriptions and details to local authorities.

You may or may not be aware that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States, according to the National Safety Council. Our attorneys believe it is important for parents to protect our young drivers on the road by properly instructing teens to be responsible and mature drivers setting good examples themselves. It is incredibly unfortunate when these young lives full of potential are cut too short due to negligence in what could have been a preventable car crash.

It is important to talk to teens about how they can be safe drivers and how they can keep themselves safe from negligent drivers on the road by practicing defensive driving. An astounding statistic from the National Safety Council states that teens die more often in car accidents than they do from suicides and homicides combined. In fact, a teen driver’s risk of a car crash is three times more than the risk for experienced drivers. Since many of these crashes could be prevented if they practice safe driving behaviors, it is important that parents and other role models make the best impression on teens in order to save their lives. Let it sink in how vital a safe role model is: 80% of teens have said that their parents are the biggest influence over their driving habits.

Despite education efforts by schools and parents, all too often we read about teen deaths on the road. According to a report by M Live, a teenager was recently killed when a car in which he was riding in was struck by a semi-truck. No further information has been released at this point in time that could shed light on the possible causes of the accident.

While all motor vehicle accidents are unfortunate, our lawyers are especially saddened when a collision takes the life of a child or teenager. These individuals would have had their whole lives ahead of them to live and opportunities to seize as they grow into adults. Unfortunately, lives are often cut short way too soon due to the negligence of other drivers on the road.

This past Tuesday, an Illinois family had to suffer the loss of a young loved one. In the morning of January 7th, a pickup truck skidded off the blacktop road and turned on its side and partially ejected an 18-year-old passenger victim from the vehicle, according to the CarmiTimes. The coroner pronounced this victim dead at the scene.

The driver has been jailed in connection with the crash, pending formal charges. The preliminary charges are DUI, illegal consumption by a minor (the driver is 20 years old), driving with a suspended license, unlawful sale/gift/delivery of alcohol to a person under the age of 21, and obstructing a police officer. This is not the first time the driver was cited for such violations.

Semi crashes are extremely dangerous and pose a high risk of being deadly. They are even more dangerous to the lives of child passengers in cars. These most innocent of victims are unfortunately part of a high death toll statistic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, during 2010, more than 1200 children ages 14 and younger died in motor vehicle crashes.

According to the Hudson Star-Observer, two children died as the result of a semi accident. On the highway, an SUV and a truck collided in an accident. For unknown reasons, the SUV began to spin sideways on the road into the path of a truck. As a result of five passengers total being in the car, three different families are now suffering loss from this accident.

While you as a drive cannot stop others on the road from being reckless or negligent, there are steps that drivers can take to increase the safety of their child passengers and prevent death from negligent drivers. For instance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advocate the use of safety belts and car seats. In fact, child safety seats reduce the risk of death by 71% for infants and by 54% for children between 1 to 4 years old. Additionally, a child should never be seated in front of an airbag because this can injure or kill a child in a crash that otherwise could have been survivable. Furthermore, there are different safety requirements for different ages. For those age 2 and under, the child should be in a rear-facing car seat in the back seat of the car and buckled in. For those between age 2 and 5, the child should be in a forward-facing car seat in the back seat of the car and buckled in. For those between age 5 and 9, the child should be in a booster seat in the back seat of the car and buckled in. After this age group, and once the child is too tall for car seats, the child should remain in the back seat and buckled in, until they are over the age of 12. Also, the middle of the back seat of the car is the safest spot in the vehicle.

Mutli-vehicle crashes are dangerous and often result in pile-ups, resulting in road blockage and shut-downs and serious personal injuries. The accidents can become more likely in the Chicago area during these winter months. This is especially true when not all drivers are exercising the extra caution needed in snowy and icy conditions. Even minor negligence is nothing to turn away from and can cause serious motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries.

The negligence of others can even impact the most innocent of victims. Recently, according to CBS Chicago, a child was among the injured victims in a multi-vehicle crash on the Chicago Skyway. Two semi trucks and three vehicles collided on I-90 by 68th street. When trucks are involved in pile-ups, the consequences of the accident can be even more severe due to the size and force of a semi. Injuries in this incident were severe enough that five ambulances had to be called to the scene to tend to victims and transport them to local hospitals. The pile-up was large enough to close all inbound lanes of the Skyway.

Injuries to children are an important issue, as motor vehicle injuries are a leading cause of death among children in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Just in 2010, more than 1200 children under 14 years old died as passengers in motor vehicle crashes. 171,000 children were injured. Even though you cannot stop the negligence of others on the road, it is imperative to do all that you can to lessen the risk of fatal injury for your child. Be sure to place children in car seats to lessen the risk of serious injury or death. Doing so can reduce serious injuries by more than half.

The holidays are undoubtedly an exciting time of year, generally filled with parties, friends and family, fun, and celebration. As the long awaited night of Halloween soon approaches, many adults will attend their favorite costume parties while children walk their neighborhoods “trick-or-treating” for candy. What many people fail to think about, however, is that Halloween night will also consist of more drivers on the road, an increased chance of drunk driving collisions, more pedestrians out on sidewalks, and hundreds of little children sprinting into the roadways for candy. Our personal injury law firm wants this year’s Halloween to be enjoyable for you and your family, but we also want everyone to be safe.

According to a study from Safe Kids USA, children are more than twice as likely to be killed by a car or a truck while walking on Halloween than any other night of the year. Though these accidents are not extremely large in number each year, traffic accidents are by far the most common and potentially deadly type of accident threatening adults and children this and every Halloween. Between 2002 and 2006, 2.2 children on average were killed in pedestrian accidents from 4 to10pm on Halloween, compared to one child every other evening at the same time. A release from Chicago Sun Times states that last year, children and teenagers trick-or-treating or heading to Halloween parties were injured or killed in cities in Utah, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Thankfully, Illinois did not make this list, and our attorneys would like to keep it that way. Here are some tips that you and your family can use to remain safe this Halloween:

Primarily, parents need to keep close watch on their children by either taking younger children trick-or-treating themselves, staying in contact with teens through their cell phones, or at least making sure their children have some type of supervision. Encourage your children to wear bright and reflective Halloween costumes so drivers can see them as they are crossing the street. Carrying flashlights, glow-sticks, or reflective tape are great ideas for increasing visibility; walking in well-lit areas is also recommended. Finally, walking in groups a good way to increase the general safety of children, in addition to the fact that a big group of trick-or treaters is also easier for drivers to see.

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