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A 32-year old man is currently facing charges of aggravated DUI and reckless driving from a June 2012 accident that killed a 63-year old motorcyclist. A Chicago wrongful death attorney at our law firm learned that the pick-up truck driver was traveling during rush-hour traffic when he claimed a young teenager cut him off on Ogden Avenue at River Road in Naperville. The driver then became enraged and attempted to chase down the teen. In the process, he turned in front of the victim, who police say had the right of way. “He bulldozed through the intersection, no matter who or what was in his way,” a witness told a DuPage County Judge. released that the victim, of Lombard, was killed upon impact. After the accident, the report states that the erratic driver fled the scene and flagged down a police officer, leading him to a nearby strip mall where he attempted to blame the teen driver for causing the accident. Instead, police found marijuana in his car, in addition to his blood later testing positive for traces of both cannabis and cocaine, according to a forensics expert.

“His driving and his driving alone caused [the victim’s] injuries,” said an Assistant States Attorney. But police are still investigating the accident, as several eyewitnesses were said to have provided conflicting details about who and what the case really was. In the mean time, the driver remains jailed on $500,000 bail. His trial resumed last week and will continue for several weeks afterwards.

Our Illinois motory recently read a report about a severe motorcycle accident that occurred last week in Algonquin. states that at 9:20am, two motorcyclists were traveling west on U.S. Route 50 near Linden Grove when they decided to change lanes-going west in the eastbound lane-to pass a vehicle in front of them. As the motorcyclists changed lanes, a pick-up truck was coming toward them in the eastbound lane. Police say the motorcyclists did not have enough time to drive around the car they were passing before the truck came towards them. The driver of the truck swerved onto the shoulder of the road to avoid hitting the motorcyclists. One of the motorcycle drivers, a 35-year-old woman of Chicago, decreased her speed after seeing the vehicle swerve off of the road, while the other driver, a 42-year-old man of Naperville, did not. He followed too closely behind the woman’s motorcycle and as a result, collided with it. Both driver’s were then thrown from their motorcycles and are currently in serious condition.

The report states that the truck driver was wearing a seatbelt and was uninjured. Neither motorcyclist, however, was wearing a helmet, in addition to neither being properly licensed to operate a motorcycle. The Illinois State Police have cited both drivers for not having proper driver’s license classification, for improper overtaking of a vehicle, and for failing to have insurance.

Our attorneys understand that more people in Illinois have begun to rely on motorcycles as a means of transportation. As a result, fatal accidents involving motorcycles are greatly increasing. A primary reason for the severity of these accidents has to do with helmet laws, or lack thereof, in the state of Illinois. Officially enacted in 1970, Illinois does not have any helmet laws in place for motorcycle drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2010, 83% of the people who died from motorcycle crashes in Illinois were not wearing a helmet. This is among the highest percent nationally. In the United States, Illinois ranks 47th for lives saved and economic costs saved due to helmet use. Shockingly, compared to the 36 lives saved in states with a Universal Helmet Law in place in 2010, only 4 were saved in Illinois. released a report last Saturday regarding the death of a motorcyclist after he collided with a semi truck in Hillside, Illinois. Our attorneys learned that the accident happened at 4:51pm at Mannheim Road on the ramp of the eastbound Interstate 290 leading to the Eisenhower Expressway. The 20 year-old motorcyclist attempted to get onto the expressway at the same time as the semi but was pushed against a wall by the truck and was then run over by the trailer the semi was carrying, according to police. The Cook County medical examiner’s office pronounced the motorcyclist dead shortly after.

As all motorists are aware, many accidents occur on Illinois interstate highways each year; specifically, a large number of these accidents take place on freeway entrance and exit ramps in comparison to other segments of the highway. This is often due to congestion taking place on the ramps, trucks traveling near or directly next to passenger vehicles or motorcycles, and traveling over the speed limit at the same time as the ramp curves. The Illinois Department of Transportation states that additional common factors contributing to these accidents are bad weather, alcohol, and traveling at night.

In order to reduce the number of accidents on highway ramps, it is crucial to drive attentively, responsibly, and most importantly, defensively at all times. When entering a highway ramp, speed limit signs often changes to about 35mph; despite this, many drivers continue traveling at their current speed of up to 50 mph on the ramp. Be sure to slow down and look out for upcoming curves or turns on the ramp. If there are other vehicles on the ramp, allow a proper amount of distance in between yourself and these vehicles in order to prevent collisions. The motorcyclist and semi truck driver failed to do this in the above report and collided as a result.

A serious accident between a pick-up truck and a motorcycle left one person dead and another with life threatening injures on Sunday evening. Our Illinois truck accident attorneys read a report by detailing the accident, which occurred at 5:12pm on Corinth Road at the intersection with Thompsonville Road near Williamson County. According to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, the accident took place when a pick up truck traveling south on Thompsonville Road failed to make a complete stop prior to entering Corinth Road. The driver of the truck allegedly did not see a motorcycle traveling westbound on Corinth Road until just before impact. After the collision, the motorcycle left the south side of the road and overturned in a small ditch. Brake patterns on the road have led police to believe the driver of the motorcycle was attempting to swerve into the eastbound lane of traffic while braking.

The report states that the driver and his wife who were both riding on the motorcycle were unresponsive at the scene. Both were taken to a nearby medical center and were later transported to other hospitals. The driver died shortly after, while his wife remains hospitalized in critical condition, according to a hospital spokeswoman. The driver was the Harrisburg Medical Center President and CEO, and many have released statements expressing remorse for he and his wife. The Chairman of the HMC Board stated in a press release that the man’s “vision, leadership, and determination have been vital in the success of HMC and to the delivery of quality healthcare for the people we serve. The Board remains confident that the Administration and staff of HMC will continue to deliver quality healthcare to the people of southeastern Illinois.”

Our Chicago truck accident attorneys understand that collisions between truck drivers and other motorists remain one of the most devastating types of accidents on Illinois roadways, especially when these accidents involve motorcycles. Due to the larger size and weight of trucks in combination with the smaller size of motorcycles, the likelihood of a serious injury during a collision occurring greatly increases. With a large number of motorcyclists traveling on Illinois roadways, our Illinois accident law firm wants to urge the public to be more cautious when driving this summer. recently released a report detailing the death of a motorcyclist after a semi truck collided with him last Thursday. A Chicago truck accident attorney at our firm read that the accident occurred at approximately 11am in the 2800 block of North Brush College Road in Decatur, Illinois. According to an initial investigation made by the Decatur Police Department’s fatal accident investigation team, a semi truck was engaging in a turnabout when the accident happened. The driver of the semi truck, a 48 year-old man of Fairview Heights, had just exited a private driveway and was beginning to enter a second private driveway, just north of the first one, when the northbound motorcyclist, a 58 year-old man of Shelby County, collided with the rear tires of the semi truck. A Macon County Coroner stated that the truck simply “passed over the motorcycle.” The coroner indicated the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene at 12:40pm, having suffered “massive destructive head trauma and trauma to his torso.” The driver of the semi truck was not injured. The report states that no arrests or citations have been issued yet, but the accident is still under investigation by Illinois State Police.

Our Illinois truck accident attorneys understand that collisions between semi truck drivers and other motorists remain one of the most devastating types of accidents on Illinois roadways, especially when these accidents involve motorcycles. Due to the larger size and weight of semi trucks in combination with the smaller size and vulnerability of motorcycles, the likelihood of a serious injury during a collision occurring greatly increases. While many accidents occur due to the negligence of semi truck drivers on the roadways, others simply occur because of the difficulty and potential dangers that go along with driving a semi truck. Therefore, although many accidents are unavoidable, we would like to offer all motorists some critical steps that can be taken to help drive defensively and to avoid being involved in a semi truck accidents this summer.

Based on the above report, it is always important to be cautious around semi trucks that are turning. As a truck driver begins a turn, he will usually first swing in the opposite direction, sometimes into the next lane, to complete the turn. It is best to avoid the truck altogether when this is occurring. Always place a significant amount of distance between you and a semi truck on highways or larger roadways. Understand that trucks are not like other ordinary vehicles. A truck’s size and weight can affect the driver’s ability to brake and change lanes safely. Thus, try to avoid driving next to a truck for an extended period of time, and if you must pass a truck, do so quickly. Also understand that semi trucks have many more blind spots than cars do, with limited visibility next to and behind the truck. Note that there are a greater amount of blind spots on the passenger side of the truck, so if you are passing it, try to do so on the left side whenever possible. Always try to stay in the truck’s visibility; if you cannot see the truck driver or his mirrors, odds are he is also unable to see you.

Earlier today, our Chicago personal injury lawyers read a news report on detailing a fatal semi truck accident. Local authorities state that both the semi truck and motorcycle were traveling along an interstate highway when the semi truck rear-ended the motorcycle. The collision caused both of the motorcycle’s occupants to be thrown from motorcycle. The female motorcycle passenger died as a result of the injuries she sustained from the accident and the male motorcycle driver is currently listed in critical condition. The accident is still under investigation and no charges have been filed against the semi truck driver.

Over the recent years, a substantial increase in motorcycle injuries and fatalities has plagued our roadways. Over 4,400 motorcycle fatalities occurred in 2009 … a surprising decrease from 2008 where over 5,300 fatalities were reported – according to the Insurance Information Institute. In addition, motorcycles are 39 times more likely than passenger vehicle occupants to die in a crash and 8 times more likely to be injured. When a motorcycle collision involves a large commercial vehicle, the risk of severe injury in addition to the fatality rate substantially increases.

When a large commercial vehicle is negligently operated and an accident occurs … the results can be tragic. Our Illinois accident attorneys have extensive experience when handling a variety of motor vehicle accidents – including those involving semi trucks. Recently, we obtained a $6.5 million settlement on behalf of the victims of an Illinois semi truck accident. Due to a negligent truck driver, who was operating under the influence of marijuana -in addition- to operating an overloaded trailer, collided with a passenger vehicle. The collision resulted in the death of a wife and mother and caused severe injury to her husband and wife.

Our Illinois truck accident attorneys recently read a report on which detailed a severely destructive accident which ultimately resulted in three deaths and one critical injury. The initial collision occurred when a pickup truck attempting to merge onto a busy highway collided with an oncoming semi truck. At the time, both drivers were unharmed and pulled over to the side of the road and exited their vehicles. Two additional vehicles, a semi truck and a passenger vehicle, pulled over to provide assistance for the first accident. As the four individuals remained outside of their vehicles along the side of the roadway, a motorcycle and a semi truck proceeded to collide into the stopped vehicles and their drivers.

The driver of the semi truck who pulled over to provide assistance sustained severe injuries after jumping off the overpass to avoid being struck. The pickup driver from the initial accident, the driver of the automobile who pulled over to provide assistance, in addition to, the driver of the motorcycle were pronounced dead at the scene. While initial investigations are still being conducted, local authorities describe the impact of the third semi truck to be substantially severe due to the fact that there were no major signs of braking prior to impact. Authorities believe that data provided by the semi truck’s speed recorder could provide valuable information to the cause of the second accident.

The trucking company that owned the semi that caused the second collision has had a long history of semi truck accidents. According to federal records, the company’s trucks have been involved in over 389 accidents in the past two years of which 12 resulted in fatalities. Employing over 5,467 drivers, the company continuously ranks low in federal scores for driver fitness and vehicle maintenance. On the other hand, the company did rank favorably for driver safety and compliance with hours-of-service regulations intended to decrease driver fatigue.

An Illinois motorcycle accident occurred on March 17th on the Kennedy Expressway when a motorcyclist tried to change lanes in between two semi-trucks and hit the back on one of the trucks. The motorcyclist was luckily wearing a helmet, but did still suffer critical injuries and was taken to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. The truck driver that was struck was questioned after the accident and his truck was inspected following the truck crash to see if he had disobeyed any laws and if his truck was up to code.

The police at the scene determined that the truck driver had not violated any rules and that the truck driver was not at fault for the trucking accident. According to The Chicago Sun Times, at this point it is unknown whether or not the motorcyclist will be cited in connection with the accident. It is important to remember that not all trucking accidents are caused by truck drivers and that sometimes other vehicles on the road fail to be cautious and respect the fact that they are driving near a truck. It is important to use proper driving techniques and follow appropriate safety precautions at all times. To read more about this Chicago motorcycle accident, please click on the link.

A father and daughter Plaintiff were awarded $6 million in connection with a truck accident that occurred in 2006 in Joliet. The father and daughter were riding a motorcycle when the driver of a pickup truck tried to turn left at a stop sign and struck the motorcycle. The two victims filed a personal injury lawsuit in connection with the truck accident and just recently were awarded damages by the Will County court. For further information on this truck accident lawsuit, please click here.

A motorcyclist was killed in a trucking accident on the Dan Ryan Expressway in downtown Chicago on October 21st. According to The Chicago Sun Times, the accident involved a semi-truck, passenger car and a motorcycle and at this point it is unknown whether anyone other than the motorcyclist was personally injured. The southbound lanes were closed several hours and police are still investigating the fatal Cook County trucking accident.

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