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Often, when we think of truck accidents, we envision the giant semi-trucks, tankers, and tractor-trailers. These truck accidents are extremely dangerous due to these vehicles’ large size and weight. However, truck accidents can involve all types of trucks, both commercial and not-commercial. Even when a truck is not as big as a tractor trailer or semi, they still tend to be heavy vehicles, and are often much larger than other motor vehicles on the road . Whether pickup trucks or commercial vehicles, truck accidents can result in serious personal injuries. This was the case recently when a U.S. mail truck as involved in a rollover accident in Plainfield.

According to ABC Chicago, two people were seriously injured in a mail truck rollover crash in the Chicago suburb of Plainfield. The accident occurred at Route 126 and County Line Road. According to the Plainfield Fire Department, the postal worker was driving eastbound on Route 126 and lost control of the mail truck. The truck then flipped over into oncoming traffic and was struck by a motor vehicle. The postal worker had to be airlifted to a hospital in serious condition, and the man in the other vehicle also had to be taken to a hospital for medical attention for serious personal injuries.
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Frequent visitors to our blog know that rollover accidents are especially dangerous and unfortunately very common in SUVs and trucks, because they are tall and narrow vehicles. The design of these vehicles makes it easy for them to tip over in a collision, which can cause serious and long-term personal injuries for all parties involved in the rollover accident – both those in the vehicle that rolled over and those in the other vehicles around the scene who are put in danger of a nearby rolling vehicle.

According to a recent article by the Clinton Herald, a rollover accident in Fulton caused victims to suffer personal injuries. A passenger car that was traveling north collided with a pickup truck at the 900 block of 12th Street. Upon collision the truck rolled over and then came to a stop upside down on top of the passenger vehicle that hit it. Responders had to act quickly in this emergency to extricate the driver out of the pickup truck. Both the driver of the car and the driver of the truck sustained personal injuries, but fortunately none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. That is at least some good news to hear out of this accident because it is extremely common for rollover accidents to result in life-threatening injuries or permanent debilitating injuries.

It is important to remember that a rollover can occur whether the driver is the negligent party or not. While the article stated that it is unclear what the cause of the accident was and that it is still under investigation, in this instance the car hit the truck causing a rollover.
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Motor vehicle and truck accidents are extremely frightening and traumatic for survivors of these crashes. When a crash goes beyond a collision and the impact causes a vehicle to flip and roll over, these accidents can be much worse for surviving victims. Not only is it extremely scary to be stuck inside a vehicle that is hurtling through the air or skidding upside down across the blacktop highway, but such high impact collisions and rollovers can create permanent and life-changing injuries resulting in long-term physical suffering, expensive medical bills, and lost wages from inability to work.

Recent news by KWQC exemplifies how dangerous rollover accidents can be. According to the article, a semi-truck rolled over on I-80 near Atkinson. Police described that the driver was traveling westbound on I-80 and came upon a curve where he over-corrected. This resulted in the driver losing control of the truck and crossing into the median. The truck then rolled over on the driver side and entrapped both the truck driver and passenger inside. Local fire and rescue services had to rush to the scene to extricate these people out of the truck and take them by ambulance for emergency care. The victims’ current condition is unknown, but the accident remains under investigation. The driver has been charged with improper lane usage, and other charges are pending.
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Illinois has an expansive network of highways and interstates. It is also a state that is a major hub of business. Combining these two factors, Illinois roads are often filled with large trucks to transports goods throughout the state and across the state lines for many companies and services. While people often think of Chicago as the spot for congested roads, many of the highways throughout the state are used every day by truck drivers, who are often on long routes to make pick-ups or deliveries. That being known, truck accidents can happen anywhere, and it is important for truck drivers and all drivers alike on the roads to always practice safe driving and avoid reckless and negligent behavior.

According to a recent article by Central Illinois Proud, a rollover accident occurred which sent the driver of a semi-truck to the hospital. The accident occurred on I-74 at milepost 78 after 2:30 in the morning. Reports by police have indicated that the semi-truck left the roadway and struck a guardrail. This caused the truck to then roll over. The investigation of this accident is still under way. Although no other vehicles were involved in this accident, it highlights the potential dangers associated with drowsy or sleep-deprived drivers.
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It is all too often that our attorneys read about truck and motor vehicle accidents occurring on Chicago area interstates. Accidents that occur on these roads can be extremely dangerous as the roads are often congested with vehicles travelling at high speeds. Some of the most dangerous accidents are those that involve large trucks.

According to recent reports by CBS Chicago, three people suffered personal injuries after a semi-truck flipped on top of their car on the Chicago Dan Ryan expressway. The accident occurred on the inbound Dan Ryan Expressway near 47th Street. The three victims were hospitalized, and the accident caused traffic to up to 95th Street. According to a police report, the northbound car swerved and struck the semi-tractor-trailer truck that was also heading northbound. This caused both vehicles to strike the median, and the semi rolled over, spilling some of the dried concrete it was transporting. The driver of the car was cited with improper lane usage.
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On our truck accident blog we frequently remind readers of the dangers of truck accidents, especially those involving large trucks such as semis. A major reason these accidents are so dangerous is the size of the trucks as they are extremely large in height and weight. Oftentimes, these traits of a truck leave victims involved in collisions with these vehicles facing life-threatening or permanent personal injuries. However, it is important to consider that the purpose of large trucks is often to carry significant amounts of cargo. When a truck is transporting cargo and winds up in an accident, this cargo can spill and become an additional danger to people or the environment and may require intensive cleanup to make the roadways safe for travel again.

According to a recent story by CBS Chicago, a beer truck was in a rollover accident on I-65. As a result of rolling over, the semi-truck spilled part of its load and blocked the northbound traffic. According to reports, the truck driver was heading north in the left lane of I-65 when, upon adjusting his radio, the truck drifted off the roadway. The driver then overcorrected to the right and lost control of the semi. The truck then went into the median, rolled over, and slid approximately 200 feet. The driver has been cited for unsafe lane movement.

As our readers are well aware, distracted driving is a major factor in truck and motor vehicle accidents. As exemplified in this rollover accident, it takes only a moment for a serious collision to occur when a driver takes his or her eyes off the road. Looking away from the road for just a few seconds can result in drifting or not noticing the need to stop to avoid collision. Oftentimes, when the driver realizes that something is wrong, it can be too late and the driver will panic and end up in a collision.
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As our readers know, rollover accidents are incredibly dangerous. Often occurring in large tall vehicles like trucks and SUVs, these accidents can cause drivers and passengers to suffer serious personal injury or death due to the violent nature of these crashes. These accidents can and do occur to both commercial and regular drivers alike. Furthermore, as Chicago and the surrounding area is heavy with traffic going in and out of the city on our large and busy interstates and highways, rollover accidents are unfortunately common in our area as well.

According to a recent article by the Chicago Tribune, one person was killed in a rollover accident that occurred on I-57 in Markham. The accident took place at 159th street and shut down all lanes of traffic on the highway. Preliminary information indicates that the dump truck appeared to have rolled over the left side of the concrete median on the road, according to the Illinois State Police. After rolling over, the truck set on fire, and trapped the driver inside.

As made evident by this example, the aftermath of rollover accidents can also pose hazards to those surrounding the accident. Here, the truck immediately caught fire as a result of the rollover, killing the driver and posing harm to all who were close by. Furthermore, as a result of rolling over, the dump truck spilled its cargo all over the highway, resulting in a danger to those driving through. Upon rolling over, the dump truck spilled a significant amount of gravel throughout the lanes. Other rollover accidents pose similar threats, from spilled cargo, to presenting obstacles and hazards to other drivers from debris.
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Frequently, we discuss the nature and dangers of rollover motor vehicle accidents. Oftentimes these accidents involve SUVs and trucks so our attorneys thought we should remind readers of the dangers associated with rollover crashes, what makes them occur, and why trucks and SUVs are more likely to roll over than other vehicles.

According to WGNTV, a recent SUV rollover crash outside of Chicago killed four people and left one in critical condition. According to Lasalle County Sheriff’s Department, the driver lost control of the SUV, hit a mailbox, and sped across the road. She then slide sideways in the SUV down an embankment while at a high speed, and became airborne. The SUV ultimately landed in trees nearby. All of the passengers were thrown from the vehicle. Friends of the victims say that alcohol may have been a major factor in this crash.

In another recent instance of a rollover crash, a man was killed after his vehicle rolled over, according to an article by MLive. According to police, the man drifted off the road and hit a rock. His vehicle then flipped over several times. Authorities are investigating as to whether alcohol was a factor involved.

In both of these examples, the vehicles involved went off the roads and flipped over several times. What causes vehicles to flip and roll over during motor vehicle accidents is a more common trait in SUVs and trucks than other vehicles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, vehicle type plays a major factor into the likelihood of a rollover crash. Tall and narrow vehicles like SUVs and trucks have high centers of gravity and are more susceptible to roll over. Usually a rollover occurs when a driver loses control of the vehicle and it slides sideways, according to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety. Rollovers can occur when a driver tries to turn a vehicle too sharply or aggressively, such at a high velocity with a tight turning radius. In a scientific explanation, the frictional force between the tires and road surface can cause the vehicle to tip and then roll.
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Oftentimes when people envision the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, they picture a victim suffering concussions or broken bones due to the impact of the collision. However, these collisions can often involve a lot of heat and friction, and there may even be fires due to vehicles running off of flammable fuels. For these reasons, many victims of accidents often suffer minor to severe burns as well. As we have talked about before, truck accidents pose an even greater risk for personal injuries, including burns, due to the large size in weight and height of trucks.

According to an article by WCTV a recent truck accident left one motorist victim with both 2nd and 3rd degree burns. At the time of the accident, a dump truck was carrying 21 tons of hot asphalt. A car pulled out in front of the truck making a left turn. The truck crashed into the car, and then flipped over off the side of the road and crashed. Occurring in front of a local store, an employee witness described the scene of the dump truck hitting trees and catching fire, following by the driver jumping out of the vehicle covered in burns and screaming.

We have previously discussed the dangers of rollover accidents, and this case is a prime example of the dangers these accidents create. Here, not only did the victim suffer from the collision of his truck rolling over, but due to the hazardous cargo he was carrying, suffered severe burns all over his body. While all types of vehicles can roll over, tall and narrow vehicles like trucks and SUVs have higher centers of gravity and are more susceptible to rolling over, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website Furthermore, speed is a major factor in rollover crashes. Seeing as this accident occurred on a highway where drivers typically driver at higher speeds than city roads, it is understandable why a rollover occurred. According to the same source, nearly three-quarters of all fatal rollovers take place where the posted speed limit was 55 mph or higher.
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Chain-reaction crashes can lead to serious injury and even death, especially when involving semis. The need to transport goods via semis in addition to winter conditions can pose a lot of risks to both truck drivers and other motor vehicles on the highways.

According to the Dayton Daily News, two individuals were injured as the result of a crash involving for semitrailers on Interstate 75 in Wapakoneta, Ohio. It was reported that one vehicle was struck from behind and it slowed to enter a construction area. The next vehicle did not slow in time to avoid the collision. The following semi was following too closely and could also not avoid a collision. The two individuals that were injured as a result of the accident required hospital care.

This crash then created a chain reaction, causing two more vehicles to become involved in the crash. Many local authorities had to rush to the scene, including the highway patrol, the department of transportation, the state emergency management agency, and fire and EMS crews from three neighboring cities.

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