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Earlier today, our Chicago truck accident attorneys read a report posted on detailing the $26.1 million settlement of a semi truck accident lawsuit. The article reveals that the accident in question transpired on July 6, 2010 along Interstate 80 when a motor vehicle was tragically rear-ended by a semi tractor-trailer. As a result of the accident, the motor vehicle’s driver sustained multiple lacerations and contusions, three rib fractures, a liver laceration, multiple vertebral fractures, in addition to, other physical injuries.

Other passengers in the victim’s vehicle also sustained catastrophic, as well as, deadly injuries. The accident victim’s father was killed instantly in the crash, all the while; the victim’s husband suffered multiple head injuries – ultimately leaving him in a comatose state. Subsequently, our Chicago truck accident lawyers learned that the victim’s husband sustained permanent brain damage, along with extensive cognitive, physical, as well as, emotional consequences that have proven to be permanent in nature. Additionally, the couple’s two dogs also perished in the collision.

The lawsuit contended that the semi truck driver was operating at an excessive rate of speed which ultimately caused him to “completely and recklessly” lose control of the large commercial vehicle. It was asserted that the semi truck had noticed the stoppage of traffic ahead and quickly changed lanes prior to the fatal accident. However, according to the defendant truck driver, he asserted that that the sun glare had affected his view of the roadway. Ultimately, our Chicago trucking accident attorneys learned that the defendant’s argument was invalid on the basis that the driver was traveling eastbound at around 5 p.m. when the accident transpired – given that the sun sets in the west.

Recently, released a news report detailing the settlement of a trucking accident lawsuit stemming from a devastating garbage truck accident that left one man severely injured. The accident in question transpired in 2007 while the 52-year-old accident victim was a garbage collector for Waste Management. While on a job at a airport, the front hub of the driver’s garbage truck fractured – causing the truck’s front wheel to fall off. As a result of the accident, the victim suffered a compression injury to his spine. Despite multiple surgeries, the driver continues to live in pain.

During the course of the trial, our Chicago truck accident attorneys learned that the companies that manufactured the trucks and component parts were negligent because they because aware in 2004 that the aluminum hubs were breaking at the weight they’d been rated to carry. However, no one warned the consumers. The defendant companies knew there were roughly 15,000 to 25,000 defective hubs in service in trucks across the United States.

However, the defendants argued that the garbage company was at fault in that they had overloaded the victim’s truck and should have detected cracks in the garbage truck’s hubs. Ultimately, a U.S. District Court jury returned a verdict last week that assigned 52 percent liability to one of the defendant manufactures, 30 percent to another, and 12 percent to the third defendant. Although Waste Management was not a party in the lawsuit, the jury found the company 6 percent at fault.

Earlier this week, a Chicago truck accident attorney at our office read a news report detailing a settlement that has been reached in a fire truck accident lawsuit. reports that the accident in question transpired in December 2007 when a fire truck, responding to a call, sped through a city intersection with its lights and siren on at 47 miles per hour. It was reported that the fire truck struck the victim’s passenger vehicle that was traveling at around 23 miles per hour through the intersection. However, according to regulations mandated by the city of Baltimore, emergency vehicles are required to stop at all red lights and stop signs – even when responding to emergencies – to ensure that intersections are clear of traffic.

As a result of the tragic accident, a 49-year-old woman, her 35-year-old husband, as well as, their 24-year-old friend all succumbed to fatal injuries. According to local authorities, no criminal charges were filed against the firefighters. City and state laws in Maryland set high immunity for police and firefighters responding to emergency calls. Additionally, our Chicago truck accident lawyer learned that Maryland does not recognize gross negligence in these types of cases. The news article reveals that the fire truck accident was deemed the worst accident involving Baltimore firefighters and civilians in 50 years.

Relatives of the victim of the 2007 fire truck collision will each split $40,000 as part of their settlement. Our Chicago trucking accident attorney learned that $40,000 is the cap set for motor tort claims involving police and firefighters responding to emergencies. In addition to the settlement reached as a result of this devastating collision, Baltimore’s Solicitor’s Office wishes to settle two other claims involving traffic accidents with city vehicles. The city has agreed to award a pedestrian $200,000 who suffered extensive injuries and increasing medical expenses as a result of being struck by a car driven by a city health department worker who had fallen asleep behind the wheel. In the other case, the city agreed to pay $100,000 to another individual involved in a traffic accident with a city vehicle.

Recently, our Chicago truck accident attorneys read a news report posted on detailing an out-of-court settlement that has been reached in a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a devastating trucking accident that transpired last year. The accident in question transpired on April 8, 2011, when the accident victim was operating his large commercial vehicle along an interstate highway. An additional large commercial vehicle driver was traveling near the accident victim when he had a seizure – subsequently resulting in a fatal collision between the two semi trucks.

Court documents later revealed that prior to the fatal accident; the driver of the large commercial vehicle that caused the crash had a seizure during vehicle operation three weeks before fatal collision. The truck driver was treated by an ambulance crew at the scene and the doctor who examined the driver cleared him to resume vehicle operation. However, in a later deposition, our Illinois truck accident attorneys learned that the doctor testified that he was not informed of the earlier seizure.

Although the case was set to go to trial this summer, an out-of-court settlement was reached and the family of the deceased truck driver was ultimately awarded $9 million in damages. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers learned that under rules regulated by the United States Department of Transportation, truckers suspected of a seizure are not allowed to resume an over-the-road truck driving job for up to 10 years. The article reveals that the defendant’s trucking company was obligated to take the driver off the road and due to their negligence; the accident victim succumbed to premature fatality. recently released a report detailing a settlement that has been reached in a lawsuit stemming for a trucking accident that resulted in the fatality of a 52 year-old woman. The accident in question transpired on April 10, 2009 when the woman was traveling on an interstate highway to visit her children for Easter. A UPS truck that was traveling along the roadway with the accident victim rapidly changed lanes and collided into the woman’s special utility vehicle. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers learned that the lane change was characterized as “unsafe.”

The news report revealed that initially the defendant attempted to blame the accident victim for the devastating collision. Court papers filed by the defense attorney said that the fatal wreck was the direct result of an “unavoidable accident or sudden emergency” and was not the fault of UPS. However, after a lengthy trial, the jurors found in favor of the accident victim’s family and awarded the woman’s husband and her three adult children $1.75 million. The settlement amount will compensate for past and future loss of love, affection and comfort and other non-economic damages.

Often times there are some motor vehicle accidents that cannot be avoided. However, any Chicago truck accident attorney will tell you that when someone is seriously or fatally injured in an accident caused by careless driving, the driver should be held legally liable for damages incurred. In this case, large commercial vehicle drivers are required to adhere to a standard of care that requires them to operate their vehicles safely in order to avoid collisions of any kind.

Earlier this week, a Chicago truck accident lawyer at our office read a news report detailing the settlement of a negligence lawsuit stemming for a tragic 2010 commercial vehicle accident. According to the news report, posted on, the accident in question transpired on September 17, 2010, when the 41 year-old accident victim was traveling along an interstate highway to water her oldest son play in a football game. The woman was following behind a semi tractor-trailer owned by a raisin company along the interstate highway.

During travel, the tractor-trailer’s load shifted, causing a piece of iron from the trailer to hit the roadway’s pavement and ultimately crash through the victim’s passenger vehicle windshield. In an unfortunate turn of events, upon crashing into the windshield, the piece of iron collided into the right side of the woman’s skull and brain. Our accident attorney in Chicago learned that the victim lost control of her passenger vehicle and crashed into the highway’s median divider.

Upon admittance to an area hospital, our Chicago truck accident attorney learned that the woman was “at the lowest coma scale you can be at and live.” The 41 year-old had to undergo emergency surgery to save her life. She suffered traumatic brain injury, serious behavioral impairment, as well as, a personality change as a direct result of the accident.

Earlier this month, a settlement was reached in the trial stemming from a 2010 semi truck accident in which a 59 year-old sustained devastating personal injuries. According to the news report, posted on, the accident in question transpired in February 2010 along an interstate highway when the victim was traveling in the roadway’s left lane.

It was alleged in court that the truck changed into the victim’s lane of travel and collided into the front of his passenger vehicle. The passenger vehicle was ultimately pushed sideways for a reported length of two football fields before coming to a complete stop. Local authorities cited the truck driver shortly after the accident for improper lane change; however, the ticket was ultimately dismissed.

As a result of the tragic accident, our Chicago truck accident attorneys learned that the 59 year-old victim suffered neck and back injuries in the accident, which were further aggravated by his arthritis. Subsequently, the victim had to undergo lower back surgery. Court documents reveal that the victim will have to continue to undergo future surgery, including one to fuse the vertebrae in his back and neck.

According to, a woman has been awarded a $37 million settlement stemming from a devastating semi truck accident that resulted in traumatic injuries. Our truck accident attorneys in Chicago read the article which detailed the initial accident in question which transpired in 2002 when an Illinois truck driver operating a semi tractor-trailer collided into the victim’s passenger vehicle on Interstate 80 – around 40 miles from the Illinois border. The accident rendered the 50 year-old victim a paraplegic – resulting in no use of her lower extremities and limited use of her upper extremities.

The accident victim later filed suit against the truck driver, the motor carrier the truck driver was under lease, as well as, two other additional companies that were involved in the transportation process. Court papers reveal that the victim alleged that the companies were engaged in a joint venture and the driver was an agent of that joint venture. Therefore, our Chicago truck accident attorneys learned that it was alleged – and later confirmed by the jury – the concept of vicarious liability whereas the trucking companies had a right to control the truck driver actions and were responsible for the acts committed by the truck driver.

Shortly before the two week trial, the defendants offered to settle with the victim for $2.25 million. However, the jury ultimately awarded the accident victim $27,672,152.15. Divided up, the settlement awarded the woman $4 million for past and future medical expenses, $3.5 million for disfigurement, $750,000 for shortened life expectancy, $10 million for loss of normal life, $5 million for pain and suffering, as well as, $1.3 million for lost earnings. Additionally, the jury awarded the woman’s husband $2,319,203 for his loss of consortium claim and the woman’s daughter – who was also a passenger in the vehicle) $2,767 for her medical expenses, $181.25 for lost earnings, as well as, $800,0000 for her pain and suffering relating to her injury sustained in the accident.

Recently, a Chicago truck accident lawyer at our firm read a news report detailing a settlement that has been reached as result of litigation stemming from a fatal 2008 semi truck accident. According to the news report, posted on, the accident in question transpired on September 25, 2008, when the driver of a semi tractor-trailer fell asleep behind the wheel. Shortly after falling asleep, the driver’s truck clipped the mirror of another tractor-trailer – causing the driver to pull hard right.

Ultimately the semi truck driver collided into an additional tractor-trailer which was stopped on the wide shoulder of the roadway. Court documents reveal that the disabled semi truck’s driver was inspecting his vehicle on the shoulder of the roadway at the time of the accident and was unfortunately killed instantly upon collision.

Our Chicago trucking accident attorney learned that further investigation into the accident revealed that the driver of the semi truck who caused the accident admitted to using methamphetamine one or two days prior to the accident. The driver was charged and ultimately pled guilty to criminally negligent homicide and driving under the influence of methamphetamine. He is currently serving a 40-month prison sentence that will include an additional three years of probation. The truck driver was also required to pay $7,903.80 in restitution.

A negligence lawsuit stemming from a devastating trucking accident has finally reached a settlement – according to Our Chicago truck accident attorneys learned that a jury awarded the accident victim $4.65 million as a result of the tragic injuries he sustained as a result of the negligent truck driver. The accident in question transpired in late November 2008 when the victim’s passenger vehicle was rear ended by the defendant’s large commercial vehicle. Upon collision, the victim’s car was crushed and lifted off the ground – subsequently dragged down the expressway.

The negligence lawsuit asserted that the truck driver had quickly changed lanes prior to the devastating collision. At trial, an accident reconstructionist expert testified that the truck driver was speeding upon collision and negligently caused the accident. The accident victim required advanced medical attention for injuries sustained as a result of the accident which ultimately included having to undergo spinal surgery. During surgery to the victim’s spine, a required insertion of three artificial implants had to be inserted in the 53 year-olds neck.

Our Chicago trucking accident lawyers learned that the accident left the victim unable to return to his job of over 33 years. The jury awarded the victim over $1.5 million to compensate for lost wages, as well as, medical expenses. The trucking company was ultimately found negligent and is required to pay an additional $1.5 million for conscious pain and suffering which would remain with the victim every day for the rest of his life – according to the 53 year-olds treating physicians who testified at trial.

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