Cause of Highway Semi Truck Collision Remains Unknown

Last week, our Illinois semi truck accident blog reported a fatal semi truck accident that took the life of four individuals, including an Illinois semi truck driver. In the first news report, described the collision that transpired after a semi truck became disabled along Interstate 80. The semi truck was in the process of being assisted by two tow trucks when an oncoming commercial vehicle sideswiped the first tow truck causing a subsequent second collision with the disabled semi truck. The driver of the disabled semi truck, two tow truck employees, in addition to, the driver of the second semi truck died as a result of accident-sustained injuries.

In the following days since this tragic accident, the Des Moines Register published a follow up article discussing local authorities inability to determine the cause of the semi truck accident. During this investigation, authorities have checked into several factors to determine why the accident occurred. The following factors have been thoroughly examined, but have proven inconclusive:
– Witness statements from fellow drivers stated that there was no issue with the setting glaring sun that would provide for a potential distraction.
– The last text message or phone call the semi driver transmitted or received was seven hours before the crash.
– The 54-year-old truck driver that caused the collisions was within his maximum hours of service operation.
– The semi truck driver’s company uses electronic records for vehicle operation hours that cannot be misrepresented.
– No mechanical problems were found on or within the vehicle.

Another important key factor into the cause of this devastating accident could stem from alcohol or drug use. The news report states that the toxicology reports will not be available for several weeks. In addition, collision experts have been unable to determine the speed of the semi truck at the time of the collision. Crash investigators at the scene did note that there were roadway marks of tires skidding during the impact — but no indication of brake attempts afterwards. It is unknown if this was due to the driver’s incapacitation or inability to take swift action.

More often than not, accidents involving large commercial vehicles are severely complicated and involve a variety of factors. If you or a loved one has been involved in a semi truck accident, it is important to seek legal assistance from an experienced Chicago semi truck accident lawyer. Complex cases, such as this one, must be handled carefully and knowledgably in order to help accident victims obtain the maximum compensation for damages (such as injury or death) that has occurred as a direct result of a negligent motor vehicle accident. Please contact an Illinois truck accident attorney for a free consultation to help determine what legal rights may be available to you.

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