Chebanse Semi Truck Rollover Closes 1-57

Yesterday, an Illinois trucking accident briefly closed down a part of Interstate 57 during the early morning hours. According to a report posted on, a semi truck hauling a cargo of produce was traveling along the interstate highway when the large commercial vehicle rolled over near Chebanse. Fortunately, the 62 year-old driver of the semi tractor-trailer remained unharmed and no other vehicles were involved in the rollover accident. The semi truck accident caused all northbound lanes of Interstate 57 to remain closed for several hours and traffic was required to be rerouted. The cause of this accident remains unknown and no citations have been issued to the semi truck driver as of press time.

In 2002, a study was conducted by the Carolina Transportation Program which thoroughly examined large truck rollover accidents and the severity of injury that often results from these types of devastating accidents. The study revealed that often times society pays a high cost for truck crashes by means of operational disruptions, injuries, as well as, loss of life. In terms of large truck rollover accidents, of the 700 commercial vehicle occupant fatalities that occur annually, approximately 400 involved large truck rollover accidents. More often than not, a number of contributing factors play a role in determining the cause of these accidents. These factors include truck driver behaviors, vehicle factors, in addition to, crash events.

Through the study, our Chicago trucking accident attorneys found that dangerous truck driver behaviors include the following:
– Speeding – Reckless driving – Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs – Fatigued driving
In recent years, fatigued driving is one of the most notable causes of semi truck accidents due to driver error. The study revealed that driver fatigue and long driving hours has been shown as primary risk factors in trucking accidents. The study found that almost three-fourths of the truck drivers who participated in the survey admitted to violating federal mandated hours of service rules. Drivers who violated the hours of service rule frequently attributed their violation due to economic factors, such as: tight delivery schedules and low payment rates, in addition to, driver, job, and vehicle characteristics.

Despite rationale for contributing factors that lead to the occurrence of semi truck accidents, any Chicago truck accident lawyer will tell you that there is never any excuse for the careless operation of large commercial vehicles that often weigh up to 80,000 pounds. If you have been harmed in a semi truck accident, please contact an experienced accident lawyer in Chicago to see what legal rights and relief may be available to you.

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