Chicago Truck Accident Lawsuit Filed Following Deadly Amtrak Crash

A Chicago truck accident lawsuit was recently filed by one of the victims of the devastating collision involving a semi-truck and a train that originated in Chicago. Fox News reported last week on the lawsuit stemming from the accident that killed six people and injured many others. The victim is a 38-year old Evanston woman who works as an Amtrak train attendant.

The crash resulted from a truck driver who ran his machine into the train at the crossing on U.S. Route 95 near the town of Lovelock. He was leading a convoy of three tractor-trailers at the time. The driver failed to notice that he was approaching the train crossing, even though the signal lights and arms were working properly. Visibility at the time was excellent, so it is unclear how the driver could have failed to realize he was approaching the train.

The driver hit his brakes only 320 feet before the rail crossing, and so he did not have enough time to stop before barreling across the safety arms and into the side of the train. The devastation was severe. The truck was traveling at such a high speed at the time of the collision that the truck was embedded in the side of the train.

The lawsuit alleges that the trucking company is responsible for failing to properly hire, train, and supervise their truck driver. Records indicate that the driving and the company he worked for had been cited more than a dozen times by various agencies for safety violations in the last three years alone.

Our Illinois truck crash lawyers send condolences to all those involved in this deadly incident. A full investigation into the event must be conducted to better understand how something like this could have occurred. We encourage all victims of Chicago train accidents to get in touch with legal experts to ensure that rights are protected and vindicated.

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