Chicago Semi Truck Driver Charged for Spilled Cargo

Recently, our Chicago semi truck accident attorneys read a report on detailing the aftermath of a semi truck whose contents spilled onto LaGrange Road. The semi truck driver was unaware that his cargo containing a soil mixture had spilled out onto the 17700 block of LaGrange Road until other vehicles began honking to alert the driver. Due to the rainy weather condition, the spilled soil ultimately turned the roadway into a mudslide from blocks 17200 to 17700. Upon investigation, the semi truck driver was arrest and charged with various counts.

The various charges the semi truck driver received stemmed from the investigation conducted at the scene. It was discovered that the driver had a warrant out for his arrest for failure to appear in Bensenville for driving without a license and operating an uninsured vehicle. During investigation of the semi truck, authorities charged the driver with driving an unsafe vehicle, spilling a load onto the roadways, in addition to, driving a semi truck with unsafe tires. Fortunately, no other vehicles were harmed as a result of the soil-filled roadways.

An improperly secured semi truck load can be disastrous for surrounding vehicles, as well as, roadways. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations Driver’s Handbook, cargo being transported on highways must remain secured on or within the transporting vehicle. Cargo must remain secured so that it does not: leak, spill, fall off vehicle, and/or shift. An improperly secured load can ultimately result in devastating consequences such as: loss of life, loss of load, damage to cargo or vehicle, accidents, as well as, severe fines issued the driver and their company .
Recently, the FMCSA completed a study which reviewed the comparative risks associated with the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous materials by semi trucks. According to the study, semi truck accidents caused by non-hazardous material (such as soil mixture) have become increasing common. Each year, the annual number of non-hazardous material accidents is estimated to be well over 125,000. Of the 125,000 non-HM accidents, 109,000 injuries and 5,000 fatalities were reported. In addition, accidents caused by cargo spills accounted for over 2,500 accidents.

Our Illinois accident attorneys recognize the immediate harm that can result from an accident caused by a semi truck and its contents. Even if a passenger vehicle practices extreme caution around a semi truck, an improperly secured semi truck load may cause severe and life-threatening damages. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as the result of an improperly secured truck load, you may be able to seek compensation for the damages incurred. Contact a Chicago truck accident attorney to see what legal rights may be available to you.

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