Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers Explain How Litigation Spurs Safety Changes

A Chicago trucking crash attorney, like many other types of lawyers, is often portrayed in public as a stuffed suit who strolls into courtrooms and uses fast talk and legal jargon to make themselves and their clients rich. But as with most caricatures, that picture of the truck lawyer offers little truth. In fact, the truth is that far from dealing only in money, an Illinois truck accident lawsuit can play a key role in saving lives and ensuring improving highway safety.

An op-ed in the Washington Post recently laid out exactly how car and truck litigation is connected to traffic safety.

Blog readers are well-appraised of the fact that in 2010 traffic deaths in the United State reached their lowest level since 1949. That was the case even though Americans traveled 21 billion more miles in 2010 than the year before. A welcome achievement.

What led to the steady decline over the last decade?

Many observers are in agreement that that improvement is caused less by fewer accidents and more by improved the improved safety of the vehicles themselves. Manufacturers have found new and better ways to keep car and truck passengers secure, even when an accident strikes. When added to more stringent regulations and better consumer information, it is easy to see how American road deaths have seen a decline year after year.

But that answer begs a second question: what led to investment in safer car technology, improved regulations, and better customer information?

Litigation and the civil justice system played the pivotal role.

For many manufacturers, improved vehicle safety was only implemented as it related to the bottom line impact on profit. However, pressure from people likeIllinois injury lawyers ultimately acted as a relentless force pushing manufacturers to step up and take responsibility for their product. For decades legal efforts helped heighten safety standards, expose vehicle defects, spur legislative action, and deter negligent companies from cutting corners at the expense of traveler safety.

Much progress has been made in the past, and that process continues. For example, just a pair of year ago, children were being strangled by car windows after triggering the power window rocker switch. A much safer alternative existed at little cost to manufacturers. However, no changes were made to most vehicles until accident litigation finally forced companies to accept the need for the improved safety.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti are proud to be a part of this tradition. We well understand that our advocacy on behalf in injured clients plays a role in raising the standards for all potential victims of these road accidents.

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