Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers Provide Tips for Winter Travel

With the winter months upon us, our Chicago truck accident attorneys could not think of a better opportunity to provide our readers with safety tips for winter travel. The state of Illinois is notoriously known nationwide for the immense traffic and unfortunate collisions that plague our roadways and interstate highways. Regrettably, these factors substantially increase during times of adverse weather conditions and questionable roadway circumstances. Often times, these accidents are commonly attributed to collisions involving semi trucks or other types of commercial vehicles given the increase difficulty to adequately maneuver 80,000 pound vehicles during icy conditions.

In order to make our roadways a safer place to travel and decrease the number of collisions this winter, each Chicago truck accident lawyer at Levin & Perconti recommends that drivers of all types of vehicles follow these simple safety tips provided by
Routine Vehicle Maintenance: Drivers should always keep up to date on routine vehicle maintenance, such as proper tire inflation. It is also important to ensure the vehicle’s defrosters are in proper working condition.
Know of Weather Conditions Before Travel: Drivers should always check weather conditions before embarking on their travel journey in order to avoid potentially dangerous weather conditions such as a blizzard, hail, or frozen rain.
Keep a Winter Safety Kit: Drivers should keep a winter safety kit in their vehicles during travel in case of an unexpected or unavoidable circumstance. The safety kit should include: an ice scraper, jumper cables, flashlight, blankets, first aid kit, as well as a portable radio. Additionally, drivers should always ensure a cell phone is kept on hand in case of emergencies.
Make Frequent Rest Stops: Winter driving causes substantially more fatigue than during other seasons. When traveling long distances, it is important to make frequent stops to take a break and stretch your legs. Although frequent stops increase overall travel time, it will significantly improve driver alertness and prevent potential collisions.
Allow Enough Time for Travel: The last important safety tip for drivers is to make sure enough time is given for travel. With adverse roadway conditions, driving at a reduced speed than normal is not only encouraged, but a necessity in order for safe travel.

Our Chicago accident lawyers know it is no secret that winter and holiday travel can be an unpleasant and stressful experience. However, when safe travel habits such as the ones previously mentioned are implemented, it helps prevent potentially dangerous situations for you and your loved ones.

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