Chicago Woman Killed in Accident with Semi

It is always saddening to learn about local lives lost in car and trucking accidents caused by negligence. It is especially tragic when the victim was very young and had a lot of potential and life yet to live. That is why our attorneys believe it is so important to remind community members that when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle, they have a responsibility toward others. Their actions as a driver can take the lives of their passengers and others on the road if they do not practice safe driving.

According to a recent article by the Chicago Tribune, a Brighton Park woman died after the friend that was driving her crashed into the side of a semi-truck. The accident occurred in the city’s Lower West Side community in the early morning in the 3100 block of South Damen Avenue where the road passes over the Stevenson Expressway. The car hit the passenger side of the trailer of a semi-truck that was making a left turn to enter northbound Damen. The driver of the car also suffered serious injuries. The accident is still under investigation by the police department’s Major Accident Investigation Unit.

When we share the roadways with large vehicles like trucks and tractor-trailers, it is especially important to exercise caution. There is no room for negligence around large trucks. Because of the extreme size, both in height and weight, of these vehicles, a collision is extremely dangerous and often results in serious personal injuries and fatalities. Common serious and permanent injuries can include broken bones, nerve damage, or loss of limbs. Injuries like these are life-changing and may even take away one’s ability to work or go about their daily lives the same way.

The situation is made even more dangerous when we add the factor of the high speeds in which vehicles travel on expressways like the Stevenson. Our city is a large truck for hubs, as the city is centrally located in the United States and a major city for businesses. Many trucks pass in and out of our city daily on their routes, so it is important to be aware of their presence on our roads.

Too many people suffer injuries or lose their lives from truck accidents, so it is important we work together to change this. When you are driving your family and friends, remember that their safety and lives are literally in your hands controlling the steering wheel. Bear in mind that it is not only the law to abide by traffic rules and operate a vehicle in a safe and vigilant manner, but that your actions can seriously impact those around you and yourself. We encourage everyone to be aware of trucks when on the roads and to use cautious driving so that you make keep yourself, those in your car, and others on the road free from harm.

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