Chicken Truck Accident Creates Major Road Blocks

Because trucks carry cargo more than just packaged foods and other consumer goods we typically find in the stores, truck accidents can pose strange and often difficult consequences and cleanups for the public and emergency responders. Trucks are not just carrying the canned goods we see on grocery shelves, people’s furniture for their move to their new homes, or food for your local fast food chain location. Trucks are transporters of all sorts of goods and products, even those we might not expect. As Chicago is a major hub for businesses, trucks are often traveling in and out of our city on deliveries and transporting goods. That is why it is so important that we consider the consequences of a truck accident, because not only the collision itself poses problems, but damaged goods can pose problems for the public and the company itself too.

In fact, semi-trucks even carry farm animals and other livestock. One article by The Telegraph reported on a rollover accident involving a truck that was carrying chickens. As a result of the accident, the disabled truck blocked the ramp of Interstate 16. The truck was carrying poultry en route to the Perdue processing plant. The truck turned over, causing the chickens to be tossed out of the truck and onto the interstate entrance. Several witnesses reported that a strap holding down the chicken pens broke as the truck was making a turn onto the interstate ramp. The truck driver was not injured, and while his passenger suffered some personal injuries, thankfully they were not life threatening. The chickens that were thrown from the truck lined the scene of the accident. A Perdue company spokeswoman reported that they sent animal welfare officers to the scene to evaluate the accident and the birds.

While the cause of this accident is presently not known, there are reports of several hypotheses to the cause. An officer from the county sheriff’s office claimed that the shifting chicken compartments may have caused the truck and its trailers to overturn. Another factor may be that the road was wet with a rainbow sheen across it indicating spilled fuel which may have created a slippery surface. it was also reported that earlier, another vehicle had gone into a ditch by the same ramp. Investigations by local officials and the Perdue company are still underway as to the cause.

Bearing in mind that trucks carry a large variety of cargo, we can consider the strange, and often dangerous consequences these truck accidents can pose. While chickens are not likely to be a cargo that is dangerous to the public when spilled, trucks can and do carry cargo that is dangerous if spilled in a crash. For instance, some trucks carry hazardous materials and chemicals (ex: oil, gas, etc.) then if spilled in an accident can cause serious and life-threatening injuries and call for a lengthy and detailed cleanup by emergency responders and environmental officials. Such hazardous materials can be flammable and/or dangerous when in contact with skin.

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