Chronic Pain a Common Injury After Illinois Truck Accidents

WAND TV discussed the results of a new study that reveal interesting information about the injuries suffered by many travelers following truck crashes.

According to the research out of the University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry, car crashes are the event more likely than any other to cause victims to suffer from chronic pain. The research involved over 2,000 individuals who provided pain information over a multi-year period. In particular, musculoskeletal pain was measured and analyzed in the participants. Those involved were also asked about a variety of life-events-involvement in truck accidents, workplace injuries, surgeries, childbirth, and others.

The data was then used to better understand who suffers from chronic pain and what experiences may have lead to their occurrence. Controlling for a number of factors, researchers reported that those individuals in a traffic crash had an 84 percent increased risk of developing chronic widespread pain. The troubling effect of those crashes was far and away higher than any other life event used as part of the study.

The main researcher urged more information be learned about the topic, suggesting that “further research should focus on the unique aspects of an auto accident and the individual’s reaction to this particular trauma that causes the increased risk of chronic widespread pain onset.”

OurChicago truck accident lawyers at Levin & Perconti have worked with many victims of car crashes and know well the often chronic problems that many face afterward. It is for this reason that we fight for the legal rights of those who will have to deal with the often life-long complications of these accidents-without having done anything wrong themselves. We urge all those victimized in this way to contact an Illinois injury lawyer to ensure your rights are respected.

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