City of Chicago Truck Hits Bicyclist

News is still sketchy, but the Chicago Tribune reported recently on an Chicago bike accident involving a local bicyclist and a truck owned by the City of Chicago.

The collision occurred in the North Center neighborhood near the intersections of Cullom and Lincoln Avenues. According to the initial reports, a 20-year-old bicyclist was traveling east on Cullom Avenue when we she went past a stop sign and into the intersection. At that moment a city truck was also going through the intersection, heading north on Lincoln. The two collided, sending the bicyclist off the cycle and into the road.

As expected, the woman suffered severe injuries as a result of the run-in with the large truck. Following the accident she was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. The truck driver remained at the scene following the accident and no citations have yet been issued.

It seems that Illinois bike accidents have been popping up in local papers with increased frequency as of late. Though, many Chicagoans have long been aware of the prevalence of bike accidents on our city’s streets. Metropolises like ours include residents who use various modes of transportation. Semitrailers, city trucks, SUVs, small cars, bikes, mopeds, Segways, and pedestrians all used the city’s roadways each day. Consequently there remain many opportunities for deadly collisions to occur, especially when others fail to travel with appropriate care.

Our Chicago injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti have been involved in several accidents involving collisions between bikes and other vehicles. Because of the virtually non-existent protection offered by bikes, these bike crashes very frequently involve severe injury and death. It is therefore imperative that travelers understand the risks of these accidents and do everything in their power to limit them. The consequences are too high not to abide by all traffic laws and in every other way ensure that everything you do while on the road is reasonable. If you ever do get caught in an accident like this, be sure to get in touch with an Illinois accident lawyer to guide you through the process.

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