Construction Worker Suffers Injuries From Being Pinned Inside Truck

We often joke that Chicago really only has two seasons- winter and construction season. Now that the weather has warmed, construction crews are hard at work throughout our city and its surrounding suburbs always improving the infrastructure, creating new roadways, and repairing any damage that may have occurred to our streets over the past year and harsh winter months. These construction crews work hard to better our lives while putting their own lives at risk and in the face of danger while working along busy and congested Illinois highways and interstates. Even when the roads and traffic are not a danger, these workers are consistently dealing large equipment and machinery that requires a great deal of skill. However, despite the best skills a crew member may have, he or she may be in a dangerous or deadly situation when the machinery they are provided is defective or not fully operational or the worksite is unsafe.

According to recent news by NBC Chicago, a driver of a construction truck was trapped and pinned inside for hours at a site in Elmhurst. According to police, the dump truck tipped over at the construction site located at the 400 block of South Spring Road with the driver inside. Rescue crews rushed to the scene to excavate the man from the truck’s cab. He was then taken to a nearby hospital.

According to the OSHA website, this specific injury falls into one of the categories that OSHA labels as Construction’s Fatal Four. In the year 2012, 806 of 4,175 work fatalities were from construction accidents. The leading four causes of construction site deaths are falls, being struck by an object, electrocutions, and being caught in or between. These four categories are the cause of over half of construction worker deaths. If these four factors were eliminated, 437 workers’ lives would be safer nationwide every year. If this were true, the individual described in the above news report may not have been injured either.

Our attorneys understand that construction sites injuries can be serious and even life-altering. These accidents are especially difficult for victims when the injury is so severe that it leaves someone permanently disabled and unable to return to future construction sites – their field of work. When workers are injured in accidents caused by unsafe working conditions, improper training or the negligence of a fellow worker, victims may be able to hold the responsible party liable through a personal injury lawsuit. In this way, a victim can obtain fair and just compensation for their injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and suffering that would not have occurred but for the construction accident. Our attorneys have handled construction accident lawsuits for over 20 years since 1992, and we have helped numerous victims with workplace liability matters. We pride ourselves in our successful verdicts and settlements, particularly a $5.7 million settlement for a young roofer who was paralyzed from a workplace fall where he was not provided appropriate safety devices. If you or someone in your family has suffered serious injuries in a construction accident, call our firm for a free consultation. We would be happy to discuss your potential case with you and your legal options.

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