Dangers Resulting from Trucking Accidents

Each year many crashes occur and lead to many deaths and many dangerous road spills. According to a compiled list of trucking crash statistics, in 2008, over 4000 fatal large semi-truck accidents were reported resulting in even more deaths than accidents. Close to 130,000 non-fatal accidents were reported in 2008. In that same year over 2,500 collisions involved Hazmat spills. To read more trucking accident , statistics please click on this link.

Given the high number of trucking accidents it is crucial to take steps to try to reduce these accidents and the dangers associated with them. Fatalities are so high in these types of accidents because of how big the trucks are compared to cars that the accidents often involve. The road spills can be very dangerous to people in the surrounding areas as well very difficult to clean up, often causing the road where the trucking crash occurred to be shut down for great lengths of time. Given the dangers that arise from these accidents, it is very important for truck drivers to be very cautious and for other drivers to also be alert when driving around large trucks. Hopefully, the recent bann of text messaging for truck drivers while operating their vehicles will reduce the number of injuries and deaths that occur on our roadways.

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