Deadly Crash Leads to Illinois Truck Crash Lawsuit

Distracted driving remains a deadly problem across our state. The Chicago Tribune reported on another truck accident caused by the inattention of one driver.

A 71-year old man was killed in southwestern Illinois after his vehicle was rear-ended by another car, sending it into the path of a large semi-truck. The driver who caused the initial rear-end collision was texting during the wreck. On top of that he was under the influence of marijuana and other substances.

The elderly victim was rushed to a local hospital after the accident. He died at the facility a short time later.

Following the Illinois truck crash, the family of the victim has filed an Illinois wrongful death lawsuit. They are alleging that the driver was negligent in failing to prevent the accident caused by his distraction and drug intoxication. The law allows for the surviving family members of victims such as this to bring suit against the wrong-doers to hold them accountable for their conduct.

The consequences of this distracted driving are exponential. Lives literally hang in the balance, and so the importance of eliminating these deadly behaviors cannot be overstated. All travelers should exercise extreme care both in these risky locations as well as at all times when behind of the wheel of these machines.

As State Police District Chicago Commander David Nanning has noted, “The Illinois State Police would like to remind motorists how important it is to practice safe driving habits and eliminate distractions while driving.”

Our Chicago truck accident attorneys are well aware of the problems that exist at many risky locations on the high-speed roadways. Any location where travelers go from a fast speed to a slower speed presents unique challenges that put all drivers at risk. That risk is magnified tremendously when drivers engage in behavior that distracts them.

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