Distracted Driving Potential Cause of Fatal Truck-Bus Collision

Time and again distracted driving is making headlines, but this is a dangerous trend that we should all work together to end. Because distracted driving is all too common, there have been many accidents in Chicagoland and throughout Illinois which would have been prevented but for negligent driving and not paying attention to the road.

Unfortunately, distracted driving was once again in recent news when a tractor-trailer collided with a bus, according to the Quincy Herald-Whig. The truck collided with a bus and drove straight through an interstate median without any signs of braking or trying to avoid colliding with the bus. As a result of the collision, four members of a Texas community college women’s softball team were killed.

At the time of the accident the truck had been traveling northbound on Friday night. At this spot on Interstate 35 the road curves gently to the right, but the truck continued straight, traveling approximately 820 feet through the median, and collided with the southbound headed bus that was carrying 15 members of the softball team and their coach. However, even after striking the side of the bus, the truck continued to drive for about another 300 feet. It then crossed over the southbound lanes and then uprooted some trees.

After the accident, investigators looked over the truck, according to the same article. Because this accident was so strange, many wondered if this driver was asleep or if something was completely wrong with the vehicle that it was not operable. However, investigators found nothing wrong with the truck’s brakes. Later though, the truck driver admitted to investigators that he was distracted by something in his cabin.

In fact, the article indicates that there was no sign that this driver tried to avoid a crash with the bus, which goes to show how significant of negligence distracted driving was. Normally in the moments before a crash drivers will reach to an emergency by trying to stop, swerve, slow down, or get out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. However, in the case of distracted driving like in this accident, the driver reacts in no way whatsoever because they are paying so little attention that they do not even realize there is an oncoming vehicle and an impending accident.

Our attorneys emphasize the point that all drivers have a legal duty to act safely behind the wheel and not be the cause of injury to others. Where a driver is the cause of a collision that has resulted in personal injuries or wrongful death to others, that driver can be held liable for negligence through a lawsuit. In such a case, the plaintiff must prove that but for the driver’s negligent actions, the collision and resulting injuries and deaths would not have occurred at all. Our law firm has experience representing clients in such cases and successfully obtaining verdicts and settlements for our clients who have been victims of negligence for over 20 years. If you or someone you love has suffered as the result of a negligent driver, legal action may be the right choice for you. Call our firm for a free consultation, and we may be able to help you.

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