Drifting Across the Center Line Remains Major Cause of Trucking Accidents

We have reported on many car accidents and Illinois truck crash lawsuits and each has somewhat different circumstances and causes. However, it does not take much comparison before many trends being to emerge. For example, many of these accidents are caused by cars and trucks that drift across the center lane on roads and highways.

Roadways remain dangerous for the very reason that only a few inches of painted line on the asphalt often separate cars traveling in different directions. That means that even minor drifts and lapses of focus can be enough to cause an accident. The consequences are highest when the roads allow high-speed traffic.

Various causes for the drifting exist, but distraction is often at the root of the problem. When a driver is on the phone (or worse, texting) than their eyes are often off the road and their minds are not on the task of driving. When that occurs, it is easy for the vehicle to drift slightly across the center line, leading to a potentially deadly accident.

For example, the Chicago Tribune reported last week on a trucking accident that took the life a young woman. The 24-year old victim was driving on Illinois Route 64 in Kane County when her car drifted across the center line. Just as it did so, a semi-trailer was heading in the other direction. The two vehicles collided and the woman was killed at the scene.

Our Illinois truck crash lawyers at Levin & Perconti are saddened to hear of the losses suffered by victims of these accidents. Our attorneys work every day to assist in the recovery of compensation for victims of trucking negligence. However, there are many losses that can never be recovered, and we continue to encourage safe driving practices to cut down on the frequency of these crashes.

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