Driver Killed in Brownstone Semi Truck Accident released a news report earlier today detailing a fatal Illinois trucking accident that took the life of a 51 year-old semi truck driver. The accident transpired around 2 a.m. Saturday morning in Brownstone when a semi truck experiencing equipment malfunctions pulled off Interstate 70 onto the right shoulder of the westbound lane. When attempting to travel back onto the interstate, the victim’s semi truck struck the merging commercial vehicle and subsequently ignited upon impact. The victim was trapped inside the fiery semi truck and was burned beyond recognition – ultimately resulting in his untimely death.

Our Chicago accident lawyers learned that the 43 year-old driver of the semi truck attempting to merge into traffic survived the tragic accident, but required advanced medical attention for severe injuries – his current conditions remains unknown. The crashed caused the interstate to remain closed for roughly 10 hours while local authorities and the fire departments extinguished the fire and cleaned up the wreckage. The crash currently remains under investigation and the 43 year-old semi truck driver has received a citation for failure to yield when merging with traffic.

Any accident attorney in Chicago will tell you that drivers of large commercial vehicles are mandated by federal law to adhere to a minimum standard of care when operating their trucks. One of the objectives of the standard of care rule, outlined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, states that commercial vehicle drivers must prevent accidents by trying to anticipate hazardous situations and adjusting driver behavior in order to compensate. When this standard is violated by an accident caused by a criminal violation such as failure to yield when merging with traffic, truck drivers and their trucking carriers may be held liable for negligence if an injury or death results.

When semi truck driver error plays a significant role in a fatal collision, accident victims and their families may be able to seek legal relief for damage incurred. Personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits may be filed when significant harm has been sustained or death has ensued as a result of another’s negligence. If you or a loved one has been involved in an Illinois trucking accident caused by driver negligence, please contact a Chicago truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Our experienced attorneys will provide a free consultation to help determine what legal rights, representation, and relief may be available to you.

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