Drugs Connected in Semi Truck Accident

The driver of a semi tractor-trailer who caused a fatal trucking accident earlier this week is faced with preliminary charges of driving while intoxicated causing a serious bodily injury, according to TheStarPress.com. According to the news report, the accident transpired when the 52 year-old semi truck driver, hauling a cargo of grain, collided into a pickup truck being driven by an 82 year-old man along an interstate highway. The driver of the pickup truck required advanced medical attention and had to be flown by medical helicopter to an area hospital. He remains in an intensive care unit for injuries sustained but it believed to be in stable condition.

Our Chicago truck accident attorneys read that witnesses saw the semi truck driver enter the roadway’s intersection, blowing through a red light, before colliding into the accident victim’s vehicle. Crash scene investigators revealed that they found no evidence that the truck driver made any attempt to apply his brakes or maneuver to avoid hitting the pickup truck. According to the police report, a blood test further revealed that the truck driver had meth, marijuana, as well as, amphetamines in his system prior to the accident. It was later discovered that the truck driver had a tube containing meth in his shirt pocket; a pipe and a plastic bag both containing marijuana found in a nearby field, as well as, a plastic container containing more meth in a nearby parking lot.

A witness at the scene told authorities that he witnessed the truck driver walking into a field prior to the devastating accident and “throwing items” which was later revealed to be various amounts and types of illegal substances. The truck driver has been preliminarily charged with driving while intoxicated causing serious bodily injury, a violation with is deemed a Class D felony. The charge may ultimately carry a standard 18-month prison term. The driver is currently being held in jail under a $5,000 bound. The 52 year-old is also expected to face additional drug-related charges.

Our Chicago trucking accident lawyers share widespread knowledge when handling civil cases involving Illinois trucking accidents in which marijuana or other drug use played a contributing factor in a devastating accident. Recently, we obtained a $6.5 million settlement on behalf of an Illinois family who sustained severe injury and loss as the hands of a negligent semi truck driver. During the investigation process, it was discovered that at the time of the accident, the semi truck driver was under the influence of marijuana, as well as, operating an overloaded tractor-trailer.

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