Drunk Driving Organizations Raise Awareness For Winter Months

A male driver from Arlington Heights was recently charged with driving under the influence in a two-vehicle accident that killed one last month. ABC News states that the accident occurred in an eastbound lane of Interstate 290 when the 25-year old driver rear-ended a pickup truck. The truck driver, a 29-year old woman of Granite City, was ejected from the truck after it flipped over in the middle of the road; her passenger was killed upon impact.

Prosecutors released that multiple tests found the man’s blood alcohol level to have been nearly twice the legal limit. Illinois police say he was charged with aggravated driving while under the influence of alcohol and was also ticketed for improper lane usage. The driver was held at a local county jail in lieu of a $60,000 cash bail, according to the report.

Though the number of deadly drunk driving accidents has been steadily declining over the last few years, organizers such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and the Alliance Against Intoxicated Driving (AAID) say one accident is still too many. ABC Local recently released that both organizations have launched awareness campaigns with the goal of keeping roads safer this season. A vigil was held last week where dozens of people came together to share the pain of losing a loved one to drunk driving, including a 35-year old husband and father who was killed on Interstate 57 when a drunk driver rear-ended his vehicle. Organizers hope that similar events will help families cope with their losses, while also raising awareness.

“It’s a problem that’s always going to be around because people drink and it’s socially acceptable. It’s totally unacceptable to get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking,” stated a member of AAID. “One in three families will be impacted by drunk drivers,” stated a member of MADD. “So if you’re sitting in a row of three people, it’s not the two of them. It’s going to be you.”

Our wrongful death lawyers do not want it to be you this holiday season. We highly encourage all motorists to refrain from drinking and driving and continue to drive attentively and responsibly. With an increase of drivers on roadways for the holidays, in addition to the possibility of snow or inclement weather conditions, the risk of a deadly accident occurring is relatively high. Adding alcohol into the mix not only puts you at danger, but also can potentially cause injury or fatality to other motorists and pedestrians on the road.

Please contact us if you or a loved one has been injured in a drunk driving accident. We assist individuals and families with potential lawsuits and help them receive compensation for their sufferings caused by negligent motorists.

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