EIU Student Killed in I-57 Truck Accident

There are many actions that drivers take that put others’ lives in the way of danger. Unfortunately, such negligent actions, like speeding or driving recklessly in poor conditions, leads to motor vehicle accidents, serious personal injuries, and death. That’s why we find it important to examine these driving behaviors in our blogs in hopes to spread the importance of safe driving that prevents accidents.

According to a report by JG-TC.com, an Eastern Illinois University student died in a truck accident on Interstate 57. She was a passenger in a pickup truck in the accident that occurred near Mattoon. The driver was also a student from EIU and required hospitalization. The pair had gone to Effingham for dinner and was returning from their outing when the accident took place near the U.S. Route 45 interchange. The pickup truck was northbound, went off the road, and then overturned at the bottom of an embankment. The driver was ejected from the truck, and the passenger was partially ejected. Neither of the students was wearing a seatbelt, and the driver was cited for driving too fast for the conditions.

Wearing a seat belt can both prevent serious injuries and save lives. When people wear seat belts, the injuries they sustain are most often of much less severity than that which they would suffer without a seat belt. Consider the accident described above. The purpose of a seat belt is to restrain the individual in the seat of the vehicle, especially upon collision. A collision jolts someone out of their seat at a high force, but a seat belt absorbs that jolt and keeps you in place. Had the individuals in this accident been wearing their seat belts, they very well may not have been ejected from the truck.

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, wearing seat belts is so effective that doing so reduces crash-related injuries and deaths by half. However, millions of adults do not wear their seat belts on every trip in a vehicle, but doing so is the most effective way to save lives and reduce injuries from crashes. In 2012 alone, over 2.2 million adult drivers and passengers required emergency room treatment as the result of motor vehicle accidents.

Additionally, excessive speeding, especially in harsh weather conditions and dark hours, is negligent and reckless as to the safety of others. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in 2012 33,561 people died in motor vehicle accidents in the United States, and factors that contributed to this death toll included speeding and lack of safety belt use. Furthermore, from 2003 – 2012, about 30% of crashes every year have been the result of speeding. This is defined as instances where the driver was issued a citation for speeding or where driver-related factors coded indicated speed was the factor in the incident.

If your or a loved one has suffered personal injuries or wrongful death due to negligence of another driver, you should talk to a legal professional about your rights. Through a lawsuit you may be able to recover compensation for costs and suffering you would not have endured but for the accident. Victims often seek to recover damages for physical injury and medical bills, lost wages, and emotional suffering. Our firm offers free consultations. Call us today, and one of our lawyers would be happy to speak to you about your potential case.

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