Elderly Couple Involved in Aurora Semi-Truck Accident

Even though winter weather conditions may finally be coming to a close soon, this does not mean that truck accidents are on the decline. Although winter weather is often a factor in increased risk for collisions, these dangerous accidents can and do happen in any type of weather or time of day. When drivers of trucks or motor vehicles are negligent or distracted, accidents are very likely to happen. With just increased attention and diligence to safety and the laws of the road, lives could be saved and injuries could be prevented.

According to a report by the Chicago Tribune, an 89-year-old man was killed, and his 87-year-old wife seriously injured in a crash with a semi-truck in Aurora. The accident occurred at the intersection of Eola Road and Diehl Road. The accident occurred in the afternoon. The man was driving west on Diehl and went through a red light at the intersection at Eola. The car and the semi-truck, that was driving north on Eola with a green light, then collided. The car was pushed across the roadway and the truck then went into another vehicle that was on Eola and attempting to turn onto Diehl.

It is very unfortunate and saddening that a preventable accident took the life of this elderly man and took him away from his beloved elderly wife. Interestingly, this is mere steps from the site of the notorious semi-truck accident that took the life of a tollway worker and seriously injured an Illinois State Trooper in winter of 2014 . Being a major suburban road and also right off of a large Chicagoland interstate, this is a high traffic area for commuters and trucks traveling their routes. Such high traffic areas require additional caution on top of what should be our already safe driving practices. It only takes a moment of inattentiveness to safety or road signs to cause an accident. In busy and high-speed areas like this intersection off of the I-88 interstate where there are many drivers, accidents can easily occur.

As you can see from the article, this accident occurred in broad daylight. Accidents can and do happen at any time and in any conditions. While accidents are more likely to occur at night and in harsh weather, they do still occur in what are often considered prime driving conditions: daylight and clear weather. The Federal Highway Administration reports that on average there are 5,870,000 motor vehicle accidents every year in our country. It is always imperative, no matter the conditions and whether it is nighttime or daytime, to be a safe and alert driver. Doing so prevents accidents and saves lives, including your own life. Our attorneys urge all drivers to always be alert and employ caution while driving.

Our attorneys also wish that our readers consider the dangers that elderly drivers often face. While it is not clear from this accident whether the driver’s age was a factor in running the red light, it is still important to think about how age can affect an elderly person’s driving abilities and decisions. Motor vehicle accidents pose a serious threat to senior citizens. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average of 500 older adults (those 65 and older) are injured every day in crashes. That is why it is imperative that older adults take steps to protect themselves to be safer on the roads. There are other steps people can take to ensure their safety or the safety of elderly loved ones on the road. For instance, if you take a prescription medicine, make sure to consult with your doctor to reduce side effects that may make it unsafe for you to drive. Also, keep up on your eye exams. While people of all ages can suffer from vision impairment, our vision can especially decrease as we get older. Lastly, adult children of elderly drivers should sit down with their parents to discuss whether or not driving is the best option for them, and families need to be firm when deciding that it is time for elderly loved ones to give up their licenses and turn to other transportation options. Caring.com has a great article, “How to Talk to Elderly Adults About Giving Up the Keys,” that offers some advice on how families can approach this important decision and start the conversation. Although tough, this conversation could prevent your loved ones and others from serious injury or death, so it’s crucial to face these decisions to protect the safety and health for drivers of all ages on the road.

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