Eleven People Killed in Tragic Trucking Crash

A tragic trucking accident that occurred on March 26th resulted in the death of eleven people. The accident occurred when a truck crossed over the highway median and crashed directly into a church van that was filled with a group of people on their way to a wedding. According to Boston.com, among the victims were the truck driver, and ten passengers in the church van. Two child passengers of the church van survived the terrible accident. To read more about this car crash, please click on the link.

The trucking company that owned the truck that was involved in this accident had repeatedly failed safety checks and had received poor safety rating from federal regulators of trucking companies. According to Google, a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board has stated that they will be investigating the trucking company as part of the accident investigation, looking at their safety culture, training, accident history, and how they handle driver fatigue. This accident serves as an unfortunate reminder of the importance of trucking safety and the reason trucking companies need to always be on top of safety for their trucks and drivers. To read more about the unsafe trucking company that caused the trucking crash, please click on the link.

Luckily, two children that were involved in this horrible accident did survive the crash. The evidence shows that that the children were riding in safety seats, which are required by law for all children under a certain age. This tragedy goes to show the importance of following these child safety laws and making sure that anytime small children are riding in a car, that the car is properly equipped with safety seats for the young children. While it is unknown at this time if the adults in the accident were wearing their seat belts, the safety precautions taken for the children were likely what saved their lives.

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