Failure to Implement New Safety Requirements Could Prove Costly

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has put many states in a tough spot. According to an article posted on, the agency requires that all states adopt new safety requirements for commercial truck drivers by January 30th or face a substantial 5 percent loss in federal highway funding. Our Chicago trucking accident lawyers read that currently officials in about one-third of all states nationwide have revealed that they may not be able to meet the end of the month deadline which requires that all interstate truck drivers submit medical approval forms to state licensing offices that proves they are in good health to drive large commercial vehicles. The information will in turn be entered into a national database, which will ultimately track invalid licenses and driving violations.

The article points out that only three states have implemented the new information system and as of December 31st, 10 additional states were in the final phase of testing. In order to adhere to the new safety requirements, one state has enacted a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act Compliance law which requires more frequent confirmation of medical qualification certification. In previous years, the Commercial Drivers License Information System has been in operation that allows commercial driver’s license to transfer from state to state. The new regulations allows that a commercial vehicle driver’s medical information be transferred between states as well.

Previously, large commercial vehicle drivers were required by law to carry their wallet-sized medical cards on hand. With the implementation of the new information system, our Illinois truck accident attorneys read that it should eliminate the need for drivers to carry their medical cards. Despite the January 30 deadline that requires all state to comply with this federal law or face a significant cut in funding, the article reveals that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration usually gives states a couple of years of leeway in order to let them catch up.

Our Chicago trucking accident attorneys know first-hand that when adequate steps are taken in order to improve traffic safety laws that pertain to large commercial vehicles, it has a substantial impact on preventing the hundreds of Illinois trucking accidents that occur each and every day on our busy roadways. When commercial vehicles are properly regulated at the federal and state level, it continues to encourage semi truck drivers to operate their vehicles with the utmost standard of care.

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