Failure to Wear Seatbelts Proves Harmful in Madison County Accident

Recently, our Illinois accident attorneys read on a report detailing an unfortunate Illinois accident. The accident occurred in near Madison County on I-55. Reports state that a minivan containing several teens was driving on the interstate when they sideswiped another vehicle and rear ended another. Three of the passengers in the minivan were ejected from the vehicle due to their failure to wear safety belts. The teenagers were taken to a nearby hospital for serious but not life threatening injuries. The driver of the minivan received several citations including: failure to secure a child restraint, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, in addition to, improper lane change.

Given the numerous citations received from the driver of the minivan, it is reassuring to see that Illinois seat belt law “Click It or Ticket” is in full effect. As mentioned in previous blogs, the “Click It or Ticket” program was created to encourage drivers to always use their seat belts. If a driver fails to use a seat belt they may be subject to a modest fine. According to, the objective of “Click It or Ticket” was not to issue tickets, but rather promote the use of a seat belt on a daily basis to avoid injuries or even fatalities. Given that motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death in individuals ages 4-34, Illinois developed this new law to encourage healthy practices of its residents, as well as, save their lives.

In addition to Illinois’s “Click It or Ticket,” there are also other various mandated seat belt laws for Illinois citizens. For example, a child under the age of 8 years old is required to be seated in a properly equipped child restraint system. A violation of this rule could result in a $75 dollar fine. If an Illinois resident recommits this offense, it could result in a $200 fine. On the other hand, the state of Illinois does provide exemptions mandated seat belt laws. These exemptions include: if the driver is operating the vehicle in reverse, if the motor vehicle’s model was made before 1965, as well as, possession of a doctor’s note that states a person is unable to wear a safety belt for medical or physical reasons.

Our Chicago accident attorneys strongly recommend the regular use of seat belts. Too many lives have been lost as a result of the failure to use seat belts. With the increasing rate of vehicle accidents, proper precaution should always be used to prevent serious injury or even fatality – not to mention, failure to wear a seat belt is against the law. Legality aside, this simple device could one day save the life of you or your loved one.

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