Family Awarded $7 Million Settlement after Fatal Semi Truck Accident recently reported that the family of a semi truck accident victim has received a $7 million settlement in their truck accident lawsuit against a negligent truck driver and his trucking company. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys read that the fatal accident initially transpired when the semi truck driver’s trailer crossed the center line while maneuvering a roadway curve and struck several passenger vehicles before colliding head-on into the semi truck the accident victim was driving. The accident victim died from the injuries he sustained shortly after the devastating collision. The deceased truck driver was survived by his wife, daughter and son.

The civil trucking litigation in this case involved whether or not the defendant semi truck driver had the proper qualifications to drive a commercial vehicle. Over the course of the trial, evidence was introduced that the defendant truck driver lied on his applications and had received two previous license revocations. Despite these infractions, the trucking company still permitted the defendant to drive a large commercial vehicle and failed to conduct an adequate background check. The fatal semi truck accident occurred only 19 days after the defendant was hired by the trucking company.

A trucking industry expert, who testified at trial, stated that the defendant should have never been permitted to driver because he had received two license revocations for substance abuse, which ultimately disqualifies a driver from driving a commercial vehicle. Additional expert testimony revealed that:
– at the time of the accident, the truck driver lacked adequate knowledge and experience to operate a tractor trailer – the trucking company failed to have a training system in place to educate and train truck drivers who lacked commercial vehicle driving experience – the trucking company violated federal trucking regulations by assigning the defendant to a trip that the driver could not complete within the maximum allowable hours of service – the truck driver falsified his log books to cover up the hours of service violation

When a devastating collision, such as this one, occurs the results can be life-altering for the victims and their families. The untimely death of a family member is a devastating loss and can cause substantial grief. When this type of severe harm is sustained, civil trucking litigation can help victims and their families receive compensation, in addition to, punish the wrongdoer for their negligent behavior.

If you have been injured or have lost a loved one at the hands of a negligent semi truck driver, please contact an Illinois semi truck accident attorney so see what legal rights and remedies may be available to you.

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