Fatal Chain-Reaction Accident Involves Three Semi Trucks

Another tragic freeway crash this week proves once again that slowed traffic from one accident often leads additional crashes as on-coming drivers fail to notice the stand-still. As reported by Fox 2 Now, the combined accidents in the latest crash involved several semitrailers and claimed the lives of two individuals.

The destruction began early in the morning last week when a big rig that was too tall for the road hit an overpass, tipping over and loosing is seafood cargo all over the highway. The incident did not harm anyone, but it caused traffic to jam behind the accident. As traffic built up, the line of stopped cars grew behind the scene of the first distressed truck.

One semitrailer that came upon the stopped traffic was caught off-guard by the stoppage and was unable to slow down in time. As a result, the rig slammed into the back of another semi that was stopped in front of it. This truck crash caused a chain-reaction, with four more cars bouncing off one another. The semi that started the second crash by failing to stop ended up bursting into flames from the impact. The driver of the rig and his passenger were trapped inside the vehicle when it combusted. Both were killed.

Witnesses to the accident were incredibly shaken by the drama. One driver who was directly in front of the truck accident explained, “The fire was so hot and the smoke was just rolling out, that you just couldn’t get close to it. I really wanted to do what I could to help the victims inside, but I knew it was too late.”

This is the second truck crash that we have posted this week involving a driver’s failure to stop when coming upon slowed traffic on the freeway. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti have been involved in several legal cases where similar accidents have occurred. Slowed freeway traffic spots are some of the most dangerous locations on the road. Please contact our offices if you or someone you know has suffered injury as the result of one of these vehicle accidents.

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