Fatal Fire Truck Accident Lawsuit Reaches Settlement

Earlier this week, a Chicago truck accident attorney at our office read a news report detailing a settlement that has been reached in a fire truck accident lawsuit. BaltimoreSun.com reports that the accident in question transpired in December 2007 when a fire truck, responding to a call, sped through a city intersection with its lights and siren on at 47 miles per hour. It was reported that the fire truck struck the victim’s passenger vehicle that was traveling at around 23 miles per hour through the intersection. However, according to regulations mandated by the city of Baltimore, emergency vehicles are required to stop at all red lights and stop signs – even when responding to emergencies – to ensure that intersections are clear of traffic.

As a result of the tragic accident, a 49-year-old woman, her 35-year-old husband, as well as, their 24-year-old friend all succumbed to fatal injuries. According to local authorities, no criminal charges were filed against the firefighters. City and state laws in Maryland set high immunity for police and firefighters responding to emergency calls. Additionally, our Chicago truck accident lawyer learned that Maryland does not recognize gross negligence in these types of cases. The news article reveals that the fire truck accident was deemed the worst accident involving Baltimore firefighters and civilians in 50 years.

Relatives of the victim of the 2007 fire truck collision will each split $40,000 as part of their settlement. Our Chicago trucking accident attorney learned that $40,000 is the cap set for motor tort claims involving police and firefighters responding to emergencies. In addition to the settlement reached as a result of this devastating collision, Baltimore’s Solicitor’s Office wishes to settle two other claims involving traffic accidents with city vehicles. The city has agreed to award a pedestrian $200,000 who suffered extensive injuries and increasing medical expenses as a result of being struck by a car driven by a city health department worker who had fallen asleep behind the wheel. In the other case, the city agreed to pay $100,000 to another individual involved in a traffic accident with a city vehicle.

Often times, collisions involving emergency vehicles run the risk of causing substantial personal injury and even premature fatality. If you have been involved in a collision involving a city vehicle, it is important to obtain qualified legal representation from experienced accident attorneys who are well-versed in handling these types of complex cases. Recently, our Chicago truck accident attorneys obtained a $10 million settlement on behalf of an 8-year-old Chicago boy who lost his leg in a tragic fire truck accident on the South Side. The settlement aiding in covering the young boy’s past and future medical expenses, as well as, special prosthetic devices he will need for the rest of his life.

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