Fatal Tour Bus Crash Is Reconstructed by Investigators

Last week, we told our readers about a fatal tour bus crash that took the lives of many people, including high school students who were on their way to tour a prospective college. Now, recent reports have elaborated upon authorities’ efforts to investigate the factors involved in this fatal tour bus accident.

One article by the Quincy Herald-Whig describes how the fatal crash has been reconstructed by investigators. A passenger aboard the tour bus provided a recount of the time of the collision and described how the FedEx tractor-trailer crashed into her high school tour bus. Other witnesses have described how they heard explosions occur upon impact. Dozens of the injured students had to escape through the bus windows before it exploded into flames. The tour bus in this crash was carrying 44 high school students who were on their way to tour a nearby college. In total, the crash claimed the lives of five students, three adult chaperones, and the truck and bus drivers.

According to the same article, the local highway patrol maintained the recordings of the 911 calls from that day for investigation purposes As these recordings are released, investigators can try to reconstruct how the bus driver may have reacted to the oncoming semi-truck, which had swerved out of the interstate’s median and into the oncoming traffic, hitting the bus. After the crash, local authorities closed the portion of the interstate where the crash occurred. They drove the same model vehicle at the same approximate speed, and then stopped to gauge the drop in speed. Someone else drove the same model truck and released the accelerator to also try to grasp how speed changed. Both model vehicles had video cameras inside, so that investigators could view this emulation of the crash and attempt to understand what each of the drivers would have seen before the collision. Investigations are still continuing.

Our attorneys are keeping the victims and their families of this tragic accident in their thoughts. We understand that at times all factors of a crash and negligence are difficult to pinpoint, which is why such investigations are so important. Similarly, our lawyers put great amounts of effort and research into the cases we work on to best represent the interests of our clients and help them obtain the compensatory damages they deserve for their physical and emotional suffering. It is this hard work our attorneys pride themselves on, to not only bring justice to innocent victims, but to use lawsuits to set a legal example with the hopes of preventing future accidents from occurring.

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