Fifth Accident at Same Metra Crossing

A trucking accident occurred earlier today in which a semi-truck crashed into the side of a Metra train at the extremely accident-prone intersection of Nagle and Avondale. This exact intersection has been the location of five train accidents over the course of four years and has been named one of the most accident prone intersections in northeast Illinois. The cause of the accident, according to Chicago Breaking News, was that the semi was struck in traffic passing through the intersection and when the truck driver realized the train was coming he was unable to move forward and was also unable to back up because of the traffic behind him. Luckily, no one suffered any serious injuries as a result of this train-truck accident. To read more about this Illinois trucking crash, please click on this link.

Interestingly enough, this specific intersection had just been named one of the most dangerous in Illinois, and the article was published shortly before this accident occurred. Chicago Breaking News, earlier this morning and prior to the accident, posted an article discussing the most dangerous railroad stops in Illinois and specifically discussed how dangerous the Nagle and Avondale crossing had become. The main reason that many believe this intersection is so accident prone is that traffic is often stopped, waiting for a light next to the intersection to change to green, in the middle of the tracks. While this seems like an obvious danger and not something drivers would subject themselves to, many drivers are found waiting on the tracks all the time. A better system for traffic in this area, or at least stronger deterrents against waiting in the intersection, are not only greatly needed but would hopefully prevent more of these types of truck crashes in the future.

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