First State Implements Recommended Trucking Safety Program reported this weekend on a comprehensive truck safety project in Mississippi that may become a model for the rest of the country.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently awarded a $3.5 million grant to the state’s Department of Transportation to implement all three elements of a new Smart Roadside System. The road safety project was developed by the Federal Highway Administration and is intended to get all trucking violators off the road before they can harm other highway users. Specifically, the project will identify unregistered and overweight trucks, carriers with low safety ratings, and those with expired credentials.

Many high-tech tools are used in the effort, including automated safety and credential verification systems, infrared cameras, and virtual weigh stations. The technology allows officials to verify trucking tags immediately, determine if fuel taxes are paid, and even to ensure that trucks brakes are working properly. All of this information is gathered seamlessly as trucks enter and leave highway exits.

Initially, officials indicate that brake issues make up a large portion, virtually 90%, of the problems they have seen with big rigs so far. But they have also identified under-inflated and overinflated tires, oil leaks, and exhaust issues. Each of these vehicles that can be removed from the road before these mechanical issues cause serious harm is a benefit to road safety.

Hopefully all of these steps prove effective in curbing negligent trucks leading to a reduction in truck crashes. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers at Levin & Perconti understand the devastation that these roadway disasters create. All steps that address the issue are ones in the right direction.

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