FMCSA Enacts New Rule for Trucking Carriers recently released a news report detailing a new rule geared towards trucking carriers that has been implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys learned that last week, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration posted their final rule that changes its procedures in several areas affecting truck lines, intermodal equipment providers, brokers, freight forwards, in addition to, hazmat proceedings.

One of the most significant changes implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the requirement that even in the event that a trucking carrier pays a full civil penalty in enforcement proceeding does not give them the ability to unilaterally avoid an admission of liability. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers learned that such a payment constitutes admission of all the facts in a Notice of Claim, unless the trucking carrier and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration agree otherwise.

It is also reported that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will also review out-of-service orders before they go into effect on reincarnated operations that have a history of breaking the rules. Additionally, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will consolidate the records of reincarnated entities with their predecessors’ records. The agency’s decision was ultimately turned on its contention that businesses with a lot of financial resources could afford to repeatedly violate the rules by simply paying the fines.

Our Chicago trucking accident attorneys are pleased to learn that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has enacted a rule for trucking carriers that makes it tougher for the trucking carriers who have been sanctioned to reincarnate themselves under a new identity. As large commercial vehicles travel on our busy roadways day in and day out – the safety of the traveling public should always remain a top priority. Mandated regulations, such as the one previously mentioned, aid in ensuring that unsafe trucking carriers and their drivers are restricted from dangerous operation.

In the event that you have been injured in an Illinois trucking accident or have lost a loved one at the hands of a negligent commercial vehicle driver, please contact us as soon as possible. Our accident attorneys in Chicago have expertly handling a wide variety of cases involving motor vehicle accidents, particularly those involving commercial vehicles. We ensure that our clients are properly compensation for the damages they have sustained as a direct result of their accident, such as: loss of wages, medical expenses, as well as, physical and emotional pain and suffering.

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