Hartford Semi Truck Accident Results in One Fatality

Our Cook County truck accident lawyers read an article on KMOV.com earlier today detailing a fatal Illinois semi truck accident. At around 6:35 this morning, a semi tractor-trailer was entering the Connoco Phillips Refinery in Hartford, Illinois, when an oncoming pickup truck collided into the semi’s trailer. The driver of the pickup truck was transported to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. As of press time, it is unknown if the driver of the commercial vehicle sustained any injuries. An investigation into the accident is currently underway and an autopsy, as well as, a toxicology test is scheduled on the pickup truck driver to determine the exact cause of death.

Unsafe driving habits exhibited by passenger vehicle drivers has become an increasing cause of semi truck accidents resulting in injury and/or death. Given that fact that large commercial vehicles operate in a completely different manner than smaller motor vehicles, many motorists are unawares of a semi truck’s performance capabilities. The performance capabilities of large commercial vehicles range from variability in acceleration, breaking, in addition to, visibility.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently compiled a report titled “The Unsafe Driving Acts of Motorists in the Vicinity of Large Trucks” with identifies many common unsafe driving acts exhibited by motorists that contribute to collisions with large commercial vehicles. Some of the most frequent crash factors exhibited by drivers of passenger vehicles which contributed directly to a fatal collision with a semi truck included:

– Running off the Road/Lane – Failure to Yield Right of Way – Unsafe Speed – Driving Inattentively
– Failure to Obey Traffic Devices – Erratic/Reckless Driving
To help inhibit the increasing epidemic that is resulting from passenger vehicle and semi truck collisions, the study recommends that motorists should be educated in driving behaviors that may ultimately lead to collisions with commercial vehicles. One suggestion made by the study is to begin educating drivers during driver training of safe way to share the roadways with semi trucks.

Any type of collision with a large commercial vehicle can have a devastating impact on the life of you or a loved one. With over 10,343 crashes involving tractor-trailers occurring in Illinois in 2010, safe driving habits must always be exercised in order to avoid the hundreds of injuries and fatalities that result from Illinois semi truck accidents each year. Our Chicago semi truck accident attorneys always recommend that drivers of all types of vehicles adhere to the following safety tips:

– Never Drive Impaired – Adhere to Posted Speed Limits – Avoid Distractions (Cell Phones, Texting)
– Never Drive Fatigued – Always Wear Safety Belt – Operate Vehicle Carefully During Adverse Weather – Practice Defensive Driving – Maintain Vehicle Maintenance

If you or a loved one has been involved in a semi truck accident, please contact an Illinois personal injury lawyer to see what legal rights and representation may be available to you.

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