Head-On Fire Truck Crash Kills Two


On this blog we have repeated emphasized the immense damage that often results from truck crashes. The bigger the vehicle the more destruction the machine is capable of causing. Most often the types of trucks involved in accidents are semi-trailers that haul products across the country non-stop every day. These commercial trucking accidents are more common simply because there are tens of thousands of these vehicles on the road at any given moment. However, the maxim about size causing damage is true for all big vehicles, not just commercial trucks.

Even the large vehicles that are supposed to help in emergency situations can themselves become stuck in deadly accidents. For example, ABC Local News reported earlier this week on a fire truck that was involved in a deadly highway crash.

On Tuesday afternoon a fire truck hauling a state prison fire crew was traveling west on a local highway. The large team (over 14 people) was part of a prison crew that included several low-security inmates and several local firemen. While heading back to their camp from a project, the truck was hit head-on by a white suburban Forester headed in the opposite direction. The SUV was being driven by an elderly man in his 70s. Investigators believe that the SUV crossed the center line and hit the fire truck.

The elderly driver was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash as was a member of the fire crew that was thrown from the vehicle in the accident. Four other crew members were rushed to local hospitals in critical condition and at least eight others were wounded.

Our Chicago truck accident attorneys send condolences to all those suffering after this tragedy. Too many lives are ruined by truck accidents each and every day. Basic safe driving techniques are typically all that is required to drastically reduce the number of deaths and injuries resulting from these crashes. If you or someone you know has been involved in a truck crash, please contact us today.

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