Head-On Semi Crash Kills Two

A head-on semi-truck collision killed two victims over this past weekend, according to KTVB.com. One car was headed north on U.S. 95 when it crossed into the southbound lane and collide head-on with a semi-truck. Both the driver and passenger of the car were killed upon impact.

Head-on collisions, although more rare than other crashes, are extremely dangerous and often fatal. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2008 alone, head-on collisions were the cause of 3,914 deaths in the United States. This is out of a total of 37,261 fatalities from motor vehicle accidents total. Therefore, approximately 11% of motor vehicle collision deaths were from head-on collisions.

Collisions resulting from improper lane use, such as changing lanes or crossing over the lines, primarily result from following another car too closely or from inattentive driving. According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, defensive driving is the most effective countermeasure to this potential accident. There are several safety measures you can take as a driver. First, perform maintenance checks on your vehicle. Make sure your brake lights and turn signals are in working order. Also, make sure your breaks are performing well, so that you can respond quickly and effectively to prevent a collision. Secondly, be a safe driver by following safe driver tips. Be attentive and focused on the road by scanning everything that is immediately ahead of you, particularly oncoming vehicles. Also, maintain a safe following distance with the vehicle in front of you. Ensure that you are not so close to the vehicle in front of you that if that vehicle were to slam on its breaks, you could avoid a rear-end collision with that car and also not swerve into the opposing lane to a head-on collision. Staying in your lane upon braking is key.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious personal injuries as the result of a head-on collision, seek an attorney for legal guidance. Our Chicago accident attorneys are nationally renowned for our excellence in advocating for the victims of motor vehicle and truck collisions. Our firm brings a combined 130 years of legal experience to the plaintiffs we serve, and this experience has helped us recover multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements in the past, including cases spurring from head-on collision from center lane crossings. In S.K. v. Sullivan and UIM, our firm achieved a $450,000 settlement in a collision that left six individuals with fatal injuries as the result of a driver crossing the center line and hitting them head-on. With our experience from such cases as this, we can discuss with you, in a free consultation, the best course of legal action.

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